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are the RTA just handing out drivers licences

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Tomcatalex, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. I think 80% of every type of vehicle, trucks,vans,utes,4wd, cars, wagons, and bikes are not safe on the road

    Yesterday I was riding on a straight road , a corolla with two indian middle aged women in it were at the side steet with a give way sign. they were stopped at the sign, so I took for granted they were stopped there due to the fact I was comming, with my headlight blazing in day light.
    as soon as I got close to them they pulled out in front of me causing me to brake and swerve to avoid a collision, fcuk that

    are the RTA just handing out drivers licences
  2. Never Assume.
  3. gx15aaGJ.
    spoken in appropriate accent:
    " I'll have You know I purchased my licence legitimately... Cornflakes are not cheap you know" :p
  4. i agree with you cejay - about those french cheese eating surrender monkeys......i saw one the other day driving a peugot.....at leat i think he was french. it was some white guy in a peugot....

    grrrr, how dare they?!?!?!!
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  6. Oh No! The Nerd Thread again :facepalm: :LOL:
  7. Now lets see:

    1. You assumed that you were seen
    2. You assumed your headlight was on and working
    3. You failed to set up and prepare to e-brake regardless
    4. You failed to brake correctly causing you to lose control of the bike
    5. You almost collided

    It would appear that the RTA certainly is just handing out licences, as you got yours :LOL:
  8. OHSNAP!!

    Where can I queue up for my full bike licence? Im sick of this 250!

    It seems like a broken record, but the only thing assume that you should assume from drivers is the worst. Observe, Buffer, slow down. Assume that every car is going to turn in front of you, cut you off, merge into you. Not only will you be prepared, you wont get all worked up if they do it.

    I find about roughly 20% of people dont check their blind spot at all. All it takes is one to run you off the road though. :p
  9. protip: Indian middle-age women ARE bad drivers.
  10. Admittedly it is easy to get a drivers license in this country, but remember we all have "those moments". Long day at the office, late night with little sleep, you know what im talking about. Driving along, you decide to change lane forgetting to check blind spot... followed shortly by an angry horn and a pissed off biker tearing by shaking his fist at you.

    You'd all be lying if you say you've never had this happen! Though I do have certain friends who im convinced should never have been given a license...
  11. An Indian Middle-Age Female Driver hit my parked car and wrote it off..
    Nuf said.
  12. I find it's actually closer to 80%.

    Ride like you are invisible because to most drivers you may as well be.
  13. And the rest are only looking for you so they've got something to aim at :shock: .
  14. 1 yes ( they were looking in my direction / didnt know blind people are allowed to drive)
    2 Yes (it comes on with the ignition, and stays on, saw it was on when I left my garage)
    3 If I failed that I would be typing this in hospital or funeral parlor)
    4 if i braked any slower would have smashed into them, I had to brake and swerve at the same time
    5 Yes you got that one right (almost) Cause I didnt

    The guys at HART and the RTA got it right with me, Im still fine
  15. i finally got around to getting my driver's licence this year, passed first time with 103 out of a 100 on the road test. i wouldn't say it was easy, it took a full weekend of pro driving lessons. i was my instructor's highest scoring student ever

    i'm a good rider/ driver, when i want to be. of course, i don't always want to be :wink: who does?

    possibly the reason for Indians/Asians having low driving skills is test standards are a lot lower overseas, and they just transfer their licence
  16. I don't see what the problem is. In India bikes always give way to cars.
  17. Studies over the years have shown a worryingly large proportion of the population have undiagnosed, uncorrected vision problems.

    In the same way that a gun is always loaded, even when you know it's not, your headlamp is always off.

    Maybe, maybe not. The role of sheer dumb luck should never be underestimated in any crash avoidance situation.

    Time to practice not losing traction during emergency evasive action. It can be done.

    No, but you had a near miss. If you wish to avoid further near misses (or worse) I'd advise dropping the "I did everything right" attitude and examining closely what you could have done differently. Make a habit of treating stuff like this as a learning experience for yourself rather than an excuse for a rant about
    road behaviour, and it's amazing how many fewer bad moments you will have :) .
  18. Thanks for saying that Pat. Too many people blame others for their mistakes on the road. I continually come across shithouse road users who merge into my lane etc etc but have never yet had a CLOSE call because I'm always prepared for stupidity.

    Read the traffic people :)
  19. the driver was dumb, and it was their luck I didnt crash

    I know the instructors try to tell you its your fault all the time as a rider, if that rule makes you a safer rider then use it, but Im not blaming myself for my crash avoidance skill and the stupidity of driving from the 3rd party

    its not luck mate, ok, you make it out as if im the morron on the road, fcuk that