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Are the $800+ leather jackets worth it?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Banga, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    Got a quick question.

    Is it worth paying $800+ for the alpine stars/Ixon (specifically IXON FAMOUS) leather jackets over something such as the no brand leather jackets retailing for around $200-350.

    They both have CE approved armour, both have the removable linings, the stitch quality of the no brand seems good too, double stitched and leather is of roughly the same thickness 1.3 - 1.4mm.

    Any real advantages?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. You can get a custom 1 piece for that!

    Can't believe how much people pay for ill fitting and not particularly high quality brand name stuff.

    If you just like the particular jacket, check overseas.
  3. I think around 500 is fair for a jacket, at that price you usually find very substantial impact protection and good stitching, large sections of leather etc.
  4. A hump is worth $500 alone.
  5. Basically i don't want to pay for a jacket that costs 800 lol, but i wanted to know if it was as important as a helmet where it may be considered worth the money to pay for the higher end.

    What usually are the differences, hump i'm assuming is one. IMHO when i checked out my friends jacket which was a cheap one from ebay the leather seemed OK, the stitching wasn't too bad, the only problem was one of the badges started coming off. Where bouts in NSW do custom leather jackets? might be a better option for me.

  6. which brothel charges that much?
  7. You get what you pay for.

    There is a reason why a jacket is $800. There is a lot of R&D that goes into manufacturing a jacket to give you the best protection possible.

    Go to your local racetrack and ask the racers there how many of them are riding around in a jacket that they bought from Foo-man-choo off ebay.

    For $800 I'd be getting a tiger angel jacket custom made to fit me not some plastic torso that sits on a steel rod.

    Check out their site for a stockist that can measure you up.

  8. The higher end ones, Smee. They even let you kiss 'em there!

    $800 is a lot of money, by anybody's standards. Maybe if it was a style that you'd wear forever and not be too worried, like a Lewis leathers one that'd be understandable. Maybe.

    But Ixon one is pretty gay anyway.
  9. Check out colins leathers. I got a full suit for 795 including gloves.
    Have only been on one ride with them (when I test rode the bike) it was without the pants, but the jacket felt great.
  10. I have had a Collins 2 piece suit for a few years now and it is great value for money. The A* or Ixon are not $800 jackets. You pay alot for the A* name. Go to any store that sells A* and Dainese and compare the two. The differance is huge in quality of the Dainese leather. If I was in the market for new leathers I would save and get Dainese or go custom made from Tiger Angel. Value for money the RST Rift 2 piece is not bad for a low end product.
  11. Sweet,
    thanks for the tips guys.

    I'll go for something a bit more affordable and down to earth.
    Probably better not to go with the expensive jackets. Might be able to get the IXON for cheap which would make it worth the buy.
  12. you really love dissing A* dont you? i dont reckon there is much difference in the quality at all, short of Dainese being slightly suppler leather straight from the rack. consider the much higher price of a Dainese jacket, i'd say you pay for that name, more than A*. but as Vic says, its the R&D that goes into it. also, the fkn importers charging a packet to dealers :evil:
  13. if your that worried about price then go try one on, if it fits fantastic, then put it back on the rack, go home and jump online and order ur jacket from overseas :LOL: much cheaper :grin:
  14. hey man you can get the joe rocket speed master jacket for $550 and it says rocket on it which i like here is the discription. Joe Rocket Men's Speedmaster 5.0 Leather Jacket
    A bi-product of our SPEEDMASTER 5.0 race suit, the SPEEDMASTER 5.0 jacket is right at home on the straightaway or the freeway. All the safety and functionality of our high-end SPEEDMASTER race suit, with the convenience and comfort of a jacket with available matching pants.
    you could get one from overseas but what if you dont get what you orderd then its a big hassle and your stuck with what you got.
  15. i havent paid over 220 for any of my leather jackets and ive done a fair amount of crash testing on them. they worked pretty well!

    the big brands have HUGE mark ups and i absolutely refuse to pay for that. its all in the marketing . why charge 400 when someone is ready to pay 800. besides when you look at clearance items at half price and think that the store is still making enough money out of them for rent, staff, bills etc you can kind of imagine how much it actually costs them.

    as long as the leather is thick and the jackets is well made with double or triple sticting and it fits your body shape with ce armour well it should be good enough. just make sure its double stitched atleast.
  16. It's not all in the marketing. The better brands should have European CE certification. This covers not just abrasion resistance but stitching, etc. etc. The chemicals used in the dyes - and even the chemicals used in the tanning process.

    Cheaper (generally pakistani made) leather often uses chemicals in both the dying and tanning process which are seriously carcinogenic. Not just the use of the chemicals - but products made using them - are banned in many countries (but not in Australia).
  17. my mechanic and i had this conversation the other day. he said you pay for good quality stuff and it is very worth it. buy one basically!

    he then proceeded to bag out rjays and other less expensive brands, saying the indonesian rat pelt they use isn't worth the $250 they sell for. I then told him i'd had an rjays jacket for 10 yrs. :cry: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Ha, or one bloke I know who commutes in his Rjays leather suit every day, and has had two offs with it and is fine.
  19. I'll add a second part to the question,

    Is getting a 2peice leather suit worth it if it not used for track days? etc...
    Because there seems to be some decent ones going for good prices. I guess i could always split the 2...
  20. definitely get a 2 piece suit. so if you ever do a track day you will have it around.

    but if you will never do one then get draggins and a jacket