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Are tank grips worth it for street use?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by nsavage, Apr 3, 2016.

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    Sorry I realise that the discussion about tank grips has been done to death and I have searched far and wide and read a lot of information.

    Unfortunately I cannot find any definitive information as to whether they are useful for someone who is primarily a casual street rider. I am about to upgrade to a ZX6R and cannot decide whether a set of TechSpec SnakeSkins would be a worthwhile investment. I have read a lot of good things about them but I have friends who are telling me that they are a waste of money for our riding style.

    I primarily ride on jeans (textile pants when it is really cold) I have a full leather suit (I have never used it as it fit when I bought it but I have put on a couple of kilos and now it doesn't fit) but plan on getting and using a leather suit in the near future. I don't go to the track and don't see myself doing so in the near future. I do enjoy getting up in to the windys but that being said I am certainly not at the point where I am hanging off the bike.

    What are peoples opinions? I want to hear from people who use tank grips, don't use tank grips and perhaps even people who have used them in the past but no longer bother with them.

    Thanks for your help guys!

    I would also be interested to hear what everyone prefers. TechSpec (and which variant), Stomp Grip or other. And also if anyone has had any issues with wear on their pants etc. from any pf the available options.

  2. You will be less fatigued if you go for longer rides with textile pants. You are able to brake and lean whilst gripping your tank better. Takes pressure off wrists. I got snakeskins as well and liked how they felt.
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  3. I've had snake skins and they abraded my leathers so I don't have them anymore. I also have good grip on my current bike without them. I suggest you see how you go without them and if you decide you need them, maybe go for one of the less aggressive patterns for street riding.
    They do make a difference though so its a bit of a balance.
    When I had them I got the general sheet and cut my own shape.
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  4. I use the Snakeskins and I swear by them - it's one of my go-to mods every time I buy a bike. They give you good anchorage on your lower body, improving control and reducing fatigue. You don't need to be hanging off to get a benefit, even just routine braking and cornering at reasonable speeds it's a lot less leg effort to brace the tank with the grips than without, which means less pressure and more control at the bars. They also open up more options for body positioning.

    Of course more grip means more abrasion so you have to factor that in. Of the two biggest brands, Stomp Grip goes the grippiest but that's probably more than you need on the road and too abrasive if you're commuting in denim. I find Tech Spec Snakeskin to be a good compromise but since I do nothing but recreational riding nowaday I might give the Stomp Grip Super Volcano another go.
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  5. Probably should add that the leathers that abraded were my Tiger Angel touring ones that are quite a soft and supple leather. My textile pants that I also wore on that bike seem fine.
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  6. Worth it.
  7. Love my TechSpec SnakeSkins! I don't commute but I ride nearly every weekend averaging 250km on a mixture of open roads and light to medium traffic. They are a great anchor (riding in either jeans or leathers), and they look terrific on my black bike. My Dainese leather pants show no signs of abrasion so far.
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  8. Snakeskins are the first thing i put on a new bike. I reckon they would shred jeans. I've gone through a pair of alpinestar leathers and now gone through the patches i put on them in a year and a bit.
    I don't commute but i'd still have them if i did. If you can't grip with your knees it just goes to your arms and we don't want that.
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  9. Yep, worth the expense.
  10. Thanks for all of the replys guys. Reckon I am going to see how I go without them to start with and go from there. Reckon I will end up investing in some before long though.
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  11. A good investment, IMO.
  12. I noticed a big difference after I put snakeshins on my bike. I don't really notice them doing anything when I ride now but whenever I get on a loaner bike I realise that they are worth the money.

    One criticism I have though is that the position of the snakeskins on the bike, according to the instructions, isn't ideal for where my leg goes. If I did it again, I'd mark out on the tank first where the best position would be, then install the pads.
  13. best place to get them? ebay?
  14. think its the aus distributor selling them on e-bay, unless you buy in from OS
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  15. Definetely worth it
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  16. I'm in the "yes" camp. TechSpecs were on the first Daytona when I bought it and have (will soon) be on every one since. As BMWRXBMWRX says they are something you don't know you're missing until you know what it's like, then you really miss them when they're not there.
    I have never noticed excessive wear on the inside of several pairs of Draggins or leathers.

    That said of course, YMMV.
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  17. They may be uncomfortable in terms of jeans rolling around your leg not an issue with tighter clothes like leathers but they make a massive difference. Haven't noticed any signs of wear 10000km's in to my leathers or the techspec tank pad.
  18. Depends on the bike. My street triple you slide into the tank, so they made it much more comfortable and made it easier to use your legs instead of arms for support. My Honda vfr seems to need them less.