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Are tailgaters a problem?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Heli, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. UK Daily Telegraph

  2. Great idea, i get extremely nervous when I have a car 1mm away from my rear tyre
  3. I hope he gets let off, this bloke is hilarious!!! haha
  4. No man who puts a flamethrower on his scooter and then shows the press could possibly be so stupid as to actually attempt to ride it on the road! It beggars belief!
  5. agree. if your're going to put a flamethrower on your bike, its probably a good idea to fabricate a false number plate to go with it.
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    move to south africa if you like this, they (used too, outlawed now it seems) suggest you attach one of these to your car.


    something like every 4 seconds there's a hi-jacking in south africa.
  7. Years ago, a mate and I fabricated a smoke system with an oil reservoir that was pressurised with a footpump, feeding through a little tap to an old carb jet in the exhaust collector. It worked very well but leaked like a sieve. Not that it mattered on the mobile oil leaks we rode at the time.
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    Most of them include r@p3 too, so you can see why they want protection.

    I read an article on this when i was in high school, its LPG which is easy to find (except in Tazzi) low cost and is triggered by a button on the floor near your feet.
  9. My old gsxr could spit flames (and black sh!t) out the exhaust with 3 or more consecutive blips of the throttle. Handy when someone decides to be smart and pull right up behind you at the lights.