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are Tacho's needed on a bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by BlueRex, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. I have been riding for around 5 months and i don't use the Tacho, i can tell when the gear needs to be changed by the sound of the engine much like i do when driving a car.

    Now seeing as Riders need to be more aware of there surroundings do you think the Tacho is really needed on a bike?
  2. yes !

    man, I sure can do for some nachos at the moment !
  3. After using the Taco on my bike, I now want one in my car. :grin:

    I probably use my Taco more than my speedo, so depending on what gear I'm in and how many revs I'm doing I can figure out how fast I'm going...
    So really the question should be, do we really need speedos?... I mean as long as we're all riding within our limits why should it matter how fast we're going, It is after all another distraction :p

    But in all seriousness, our safety on the road depends a lot on the condition of our bikes, so the more information we have the better. You wouldn't think of getting rid of the temp gauge just coz you don't look at it.
  4. no, all bikes need Nacho's.
  5. Generally on bikes (well sportbikes at least) the tachometer is larger and more prominent than the speedometer. The manufacturers have been making bikes for almost 100 years, so I think they have it worked out by now.

    Your power peak tends to kick in at and between a relatively narrow RPM range, so you need to use your tachometer to ensure you are getting peak performance.

    So yes, the tacho is definitely needed on a bike. You can (and should) use your ears to give you an indication of your RPM, but the tachometer allows you to ensure you are riding it properly.

    What sort of bike do you ride? On a cruiser/tourer etc you can probably get away with being less precise with your RPMs as they deliver more of their power and torque lower down in the rev range, but at the expense of top speed.
  6. Everyone gets hungry so tacos would be useful.

    I prefer having a tacho on a bike and car but its not really needed.
  7. I've just come back from three weeks in the states and over there they have something called a TACO BELL. I think this is something that rings when you get close to redline. :p
  8. obvious humour...

    yeah... see I tried to avoid it.

    But it was difficult. Reaallly difficult.
  9. Re: are Taco's needed on a bike?

    & you know where on the tacho your at w/out needing to look once you know your bike.

    Not required (not for me anyway).
  10. i don't understand what you all find so funny :p
  11. What bike do you ride? I use the tacho regularly to give me an idea of where I'm at the rev range... or when I need to change gear. I *try* to do it before hitting the rev limiter! I know I'd fail miserably in that task without one. :LOL:
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  13. Yes I use mine. As people have said, when you have a narrow power band its good to know where you are. Also I think it helps when learning as well.

    I went through maccas drive through on my bike for shits and giggles as my mate was at the serving window and hadn't seen it yet, and I tell you eating a cheeseburger @ 60kmh isn't as easy as you'd think, I'd hate to try it with tacos!

    Also, at high revvs the sound it makes is the same (1000 mosquitoes on crack) so its a little hard to distinguish between 10000 and 14000 rpm :)

    And as someone said - the more information (and the more accurate it is) you have, the better.
  14. Having a tacho on a sportsbike might help with knowing when to change gears - but a couple of burritos can give you the increased performance of jet propulsion. :LOL:
  15. bwah ha ha hah :LOL:
  16. useful but not essential. Mind you, im now riding a 900 so it doesn't matter nearly as much as before (my first two, a 250 and a 450 were semi cruisers and had speedo only, i get a 750 then a 900 and have a tacho at that point ;-) ).

    When i first started riding i had an EL250, that had no tacho, but i've had them on this & my last bike, definately learned to appreciate them when i've got them.
  17. I found it useful when comparing gearing ratios; different road speeds at different RPMs. Wanted to make the bike more user friendly around town.
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  19. instruments are overrated
  20. I'd much prefer having a tacho. I like to know exactly what the machine is doing.

    Although, it's not NEEDED as such. When the engine blows up, you know you've revved it too hard. :wink: