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Are Subaru drivers the new Volvo drivers of this decade?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by F800Rick, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. I've started to become really weary of Subaru drives, especially those driving station wagons or old Leone's. They seem to be the 'new' Volvo drivers we should be on the the look out for.

    The most recent incident was yesterday on the M5, a Forester that was pushing behind everyone changing lanes frequently and speeding well over the limit ended up sideways on the side of the road 5 minutes up the road. No sure what happened but there were at least 2 or 3 cars involved and the Forester was there.

    Anyway, is it just me or are some Subaru drivers a worry.

    Rick :grin:

  2. agree :LOL: :LOL:

    i can only agree
  3. Owning a WRX and Forester in the past few years.
    I like my Subarus.
    My next car would probably be a Subaru again.

    I agree with ya though !

    I think its the AWD sales pitch !
    All owners think they can drive like they are on rails !
  4. Disagree here.

    I find Camry drivers seem to be the worst and it doesnt matter which model. Have noticed that the Camry's have the worst blind spots & lack of vision from a drivers point of view. It involves ALL the windows. They must fit them with one way glass or something, as you can see in, but they cant see out ????
  5. Camry probably because if they only want to spend that much on a car, they are likely not too interested in driving, suggesting their ability is lacking.

    IMO, the danger of subaru's are that they have the power to do serious speed and damage (esp the AWD, station wagons). I find that the people driving them most are 'soccer mums', a slight step down from the 4wd mums going on power trips. Watch out for subaru's, are they're either soccer mum's or young reckless squids!

    OK so maybe there are some exceptions :D
  6. Most definately the Camry Altise. I've been saying this to people for ages, I'm glad you guys agree. I don't know why, but the altise drivers seem to be markedley worse than the normal camry drivers. At least toyota knew this was going to be a problem and stuck massive brake lights on the back. "I'M STOPPING!!!!!" haha.
  7. Anything on four wheels and above is worth looking at and keeping away from. :shock:
  8. last wk, hyundai exel's.

    this wk, volvo's.

    next wk...


    what about those pricks on two wheels? :wink:
  9. Any other driver/rider other than me. Sorry guys 'n girls but I don't trust any of you :p

    Nothing suprises me these days on the roads since I've seen it all. I expect cops, driving instructors, the guy doing the speed limit in front of me to all be Stevie Wonder behind the wheel and somehow cut me off or do something else stupid.

    I even know of a friend that was cut off by another rider because the other rider pulled over hard to answer his mobile :!:
  10. I agree with Rick86.

    Having worked on them, I don't know people like them. They are small, over wieght, under powered (WRX aswell cause they have no torque until 4000rpm and rev to 6200rpm), drink more than the piss-pot that sits in the corner of the pub and overpriced.

    Soccer mums and young folk with their lowered pieces of crap with the "sports exhaust" 5 inch cannon rear muffler are always being careful around.

    I was almost run of the road by some old guy in a Saab the other night, as a result I now ride with the horn and pass buttons covered in traffic.

  11. . . . . eeeeer ! No ! :?
  12. Personally haven't had issues with Subaru drivers, and Camry drivers are much better than a few years back IMHO.

    My top vote goes to Mercedes drivers. Almost without exception they are baaaaad. Slow, ALWAYS sit in the right lane and dangerously erratic. Indicators, what indicators? :furious: Think they own the road because of the expensive car I think....

    Second vote goes to all genital-extensions (i.e. big 4WDs), again because they seem to think that the right lane on the freeway is their private roadway or something that they can dawdle along at 80 kph in :furious: :furious: Of course though they annoy me no end I get endless amusement out of the fact that Joe/Joanne LandCruiser is now paying something like $25-30/100km to lug their ego-enhancing monstrosity to work/school every day. Sucked in :rofl:

    Third vote is open and changes every day. Yesterday it was the midlife crisis tosser in his new Mini Cooper S on the Westgate who decided to nearly sideswipe me on the on ramp as his little car seemingly needed two lanes to go around the bend. Too busy checking his bald spot in the mirror I think....


    stepping off the soapbox now. Next!
  13. Oh my golly gosh - if you had seen the volvo driver i just had to contend with you wouldn't be asking this question! :)

    But yeah no particular car has any worse drivers - they are all bad!
  14. Didnt you know that the more expensive the car, the more expensive the indicator globes, hence why they dont use them !!
  15. Ahhh, it's all starting to make sense now :)
  16. That explains the Jaguar drivers as well, then! :LOL: :wink: I think I've come across one or two Jaguar drivers who know how to drive in all my years on the road. Fortunate thing is, there aren't all that many Jags around :LOL:
  17. Have a drive of a XR6 turbo and talk to me about it then. Bigger, smooth, useful engine, people can sit in the back, buggar all fuel for the engine size (about the same as a WRX) and about the same price as a WRX from memory.

    Your right is saying:
    Reason I say this is that there is no need for a car like these Sudaru's to be AWD. As on option on the Forester would be fine because it's ment to be the tough(er) off roader in the range, but on closer inspection it look very much like an Imperza jacked up a bit.

    The other thing that they don't mention in their sales pitch is that they have open diffs. The WRX may now have a slippery rear, but that is on no help at all because of the wieght transfer.STI has an active centre diff which is good because they would fry a front tyre if you lauch it.

    AWD's also add plenty of weight to the drive line.

    I'm not saying the the Falcon is perfect. The gearbox and clutch combination didn't word to well. But a super tight slippery diff and a with peak torque from 2000-4500rpm of 480Nm, how are you going to say that's hard to use.

    Driven both, own neither. I'm not looking through the rose coloured glasses you are Mickyb.
  18. I try not to generalise but I have had two bikes written off, both in not-at-my-fault accidents where the other driver didn't see me...

    Both cars were Nissan