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Are some people DUMB??

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Willzah, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Im on monash fwy, peak hour just after high st peak hour. Im riding behind ZZ-R 600? (zzr def) and this blue navy Ford AU falcon decides to merge into my lane. Considering that we passed him before then he caught up I really dont know why he didnt know i was there. He starts merging, i noticed and hit the horn, i turn to look at him and he there next to me looking right back but still merging into my lane. If your half way merging, im sure you can merge back into your original lane...BUT NOOO YOU had to keep merging and looking at me. Hit the brakes and let him in. and to top it off he gives me the 'thank you' wave. sometimes i wonder why i dont lane split like the 4 other bikes that passed me in heavy traffic.....

  2. I wonder that too. I followed the missus down the freeway the other morning, sitting in traffic feeling like a fool. I don't know how you do it, I was going insane.

    Edit: jesus it was THIS morning. See what getting up early does to my brain? GAH.
  3. unequivocally, yes.
  4. Boot + Car Side Mirror = WIN :LOL:
  5. The ability to lane split is the sole reason I ride my 150cc whilst saving for a Triumph. I never get stuck in the parking lot that is Monash Fwy at 7:30am.
  6. hmmm, not necessarily dumb, just an arrogant f**ktard.

    From you description they meant to put you out, I would have taken their mirror as suggested.
  7. Full moon man.
  8. it was either leave a nice crack on his driver window aka the backhand n then probs get sandwiched between him and a ute or brake n shake a angry fist from behind
  9. This kinda crap annoys me

    im a cager (soon to buy a bike) and im always on the lookout for bikers
    i've had an occasional instance where i've nearly hit a biker due to them sitting in my blind spot but then i've noticed they are there while merging and ill swing back n give the appology wage

    it boggles me as to why people, knowingly still do it while they can see you ;s

    has detered me from getting a bike for years but i've recently decided to bite the bullet and join you fellas :>
  10. ive gota admit when im in the car ive done it once..i know i know, but sometimes u jsut gota drive, but im always on the look out for bikes, normally cuz i hear the hum of it in distance n go theres a bike near...n play the guessing game... its a r1/harley etc

    anyhows i dun like staying in blind spots of cars, so i either rev up infront or drop back if i cant, But this idiot i past him behind a zzr, n then we slowed down so he caught up n passed us. our lane picked up n he decided to pull in (nobody likes being stuck behind a truck) this is what really ticked me off, its not like i came out of no where. n to look at me n keep merging, not even bothering to swerve back?? if i was a car he'd serve back in a instant. or maybe if i looked like a bikie gang member... time to get a harley?
  11. cant help some of the stupid cagers

    maybe he felt annoyed and needed to do something to feel he had 'control'
    i dunno

    u know what they say about 4x4 and truck drivers, they think they own the roads
    maybe this applies to cagers against bikers ?


    always crushing the little guy
  12. Q) Are some people DUMB??

    A) YES!!!!!
  13. I think they should introduce iq tests to filter out the mildly *tarded people from driving
  14. and if you get caught in traffic two cars up after breaking said mirror? or a cop is within eyesight and attentive? Filter past more cars and get over it. your on 2 wheels, just put it behind you. Literally.