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Are social nights dead in Syd ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. Its funny that during the winter months, everyone wanted to go out, even if it means freezing your ass off !!

    Now with the warmer weather and sun setting at 7:30pm . . . the weekly social scene is dead !!!

    Or is it because Dante is in hibernation ???? :LOL:

    c'mon . . . is there one next week ???
    Or will it be a gathering at WSID ???

  2. "If you book it, they will come." :grin: :)
  3. Sounds like its road trip time again!
  4. It's because Netrider has a shiny new server, silly :LOL:

    Nah, any night except a Thursday (regular committment) and I'll come along, post one up, baby......
  5. Paul are we still meeting you at Robertson on Sunday?

    Was about to post that i was going and then the thread was goneeeee :?
  6. Remind me of the details, and yeah. (Memory not as sticky as it used to be!! :))
  7. I didn't follow SOPs for posting in calender etc, thats why it got deleted.

    Do you like that one Paul ??
    SOPs ?? . . . hahahaha !

    Probably at Robertson around 10:00-11ish. Depends how long we hang around with the Ducatis at Uncle Leos.

    Rain is forecast . . . lets see how the weekend pans out.
  8. IF you organise them for the western suburbs I'll come along too. nothing better than a thrash over the mountains after work!

    I found out today that I'm almost broke. Although I'll sell my body or steal fuel to make it on the Sunday ride.

    I warn you though, the FJ is lookin damn FUGLY with all the wires and electric boxes hanging out! I love the street fighter though, and the lights kickass, no way I'm going back!

    Fairings are teh suck!

  9. Brother Micky, just wait unitl next week. Then we will get our ride on all up and down that biatch. Word.
  10. Final NR social gathering for 2006 posted in NSW section !

    Going to be the last for 2006 until the funny season starts.

    Hope to see you all !