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Are scooter adds iresponcible??

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Woodsy, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Ok,i've noticed a lot of scooter adds show people (normaly good looking ones) riding around in flimsy clothing with some sort of open face helmet on.
    Now here's the thing,if these were bike adds the vocal do gooders would be up in arms, if they were car adds the Government would label them as 'irresponsible' advertising, So why/how do the Scooter sellers get away with it???

  2. most people interested in buying a scooter are doing so for the look rather than the pleasure of riding a motorcycle.
  3. They are irresponsible by definition...they are advertising scooters. Reckless behaviour if ever I've heard it.
  4. If even the vocal minority can't get the walking tongue beer ad or the mentos big nipple ads off for being disgusting, there is no way anything is going to be even close to being done to promote responsible motorcycling. It ain't an issue for mainstream media/authorities. Especially when scooting around wearing a paper thin T-shirt, shorts and thongs as you nip down the shops for a latte and friand is so cool.
  5. Right behind ya Woodsy! I shudder everytime I see a scooter rider flying around in a short skirt, flimsy top, no gloves and an open faced helmet (and that's only the men!!)
    But to put things in context; no-one worries about bicycle riders (the scourge of the road) riding around in tight shorts, synthetic tops and mushroom helmets. They can do high speeds and they are just as likely to fall off or be hit by a numb nut in a car.
    Believe me, they only need to come off once and they'll be getting the best protective gear money can buy!
    By the way, I disagree with adge82. Not all scooter riders go for the look rather than the pleasure of riding a motorcycle. I've said elsewhere in this website; I ride a scooter because I'm too old to hump a fuel tank, too lazy to change gears and too tight to pay big bucks for something that does the same speed. I've seen some magic bikes and I drool over them constantly but the reality is I have a scooter for convenience and because it provides me with the same sort of escape I'd get from a bike.
    Be good, be wise, be careful.
  6. Not just the ads - I've seen articles in non-motorcycle publications on scooters and some have actually stated the benefit of owning a scooter is not having to "dress up" in protective gear :roll:. I guess the ads get away with it because like it or not wearing flimsy clothes on a scoot isn't actually illegal. There was an ad for Vmoto scooters that used to be on TV which showed them being ridden on footpaths - that one didn't stay on air for long.
  7. I shudder every time another rider wants to dictate what gear others should choose to ride in.
    No mate, you be good, wise, and careful, and let others be anything they want to be.
  8. Right On Brother!!


    I will reform my wild and crazy exersise habits because I am a changed and better man due to your sermon. From now one it's only full leathers whenever I jump on a bicycle for a quick spin to the shops. There will be no more minor offs causing that slightly annoying gravel rash for me. Head to toe armour for me all the way.

    By the way, do you have a solution for heat stroke?
  9. I was getting all uppity about this to a scooter industry rep at a safety conference I went to. Her reply kinda stopped me in my tracks:

    "Yes, scooter riders tend to wear significantly less safety gear than motorcycle riders. But statistics show that they have far fewer accidents than bikers, and the injury rates for motorcycle riders per km are much higher, gear or no gear."

    Live and let live. Worry about your own arse and let others make choices about theirs.
  10. Should be okay... I've never heard of scooter fatality :?
  11. In Victoria the Govt (via it's media watch dogs) has had car adds pulled or modified for TV (not sure about other media) for 'hoon' like behaviour, checkout the original dunny door 'thunder struck' ute add against the modified one.

    I was just wondering why some adds seem to slip under the radar of the fun Nazis and others get nailed for no reason a sane person can find.
  12. I for one couldnt give a rats about moped adverts &/or those who ride em.
    They, like us, can wear whatever they feel like wearing. Thats their business.
  13. I would hardly classify those moped adverts as glorifying hoonish behaviour.

    No comparison there.
  14. vtrelmarco; duhast - why the angst? I don't give a frog's toss what you wear when you ride (push bike, scooter, whatever). I simply expressed my point of view on the topic; nothing more. I don't see anywhere in my response where I am dictating what riders should or shouldn't wear!
    You want to ride with your balls flapping in the breeze; that's your business.
    I don't and that's my business.
    Just don't whinge when you get hurt and don't take anyone else with you when you go.
  15. I would hardly call a ute doing a few donuts in a vacant paddock 'hoonish' either, but I digress.

    And I’m not even interested in what people wear when they ride; I’ve stated my thoughts on this in other threads.
    All I was getting at I guess was to pose the question SHOULD there be some sort of requirement for ‘responsible’ advertising when it comes to safety on some products, you don’t see a boat add these days without people wearing life jackets, same with car adds and seat belts or for that matter motorbikes OR pushbikes and helmets.
  16. if people are stupid enough to get on a scooter (or a bike for that matter) without the proper gear on then they deserve to come off. they will soon learn why everyone else wears it
  17. I'm guessing they get away with it because minimum legal requirement is helmet and they're meeting that minimum requirement. And as one of those posey wankers who bought a scooter because they look good (as opposed to..?) I agree that it's sending out the wrong message.

    Part of the reason I bought a scooter is because I usually wear skirts and dresses. Five minutes worth of thinking about that made me think again. Plus it wouldn't just be squid, it would be commando squid. Ewwww!

    On that delightful note, I might just shut up.
  18. image is image.

    9/10 sportbike riders wear full riding gear to look cool.

    9/10 scooter riders don't wear full riding gear to look cool.
  19. Piss poor attitude, no one deserves to come off for what they choose to wear.
  20. I dont think they deserve to come off, but i also wont have too much sympathy for anyone who chooses to wear no safety gear. But bottom line - it is their choice.