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Are riders worse pillions?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by eve, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. For those of you who look at the weather to find the sun high in the sky and the perfect day to take the bike out - but CBF'd, I encountered an adrenaline rush of my life last night when I took on the b!tch seat.. Yup. Pillion.

    I had nothing to grab onto (not wanting to grab onto him) - so clung on for dear life onto the plastic shiny (slippery) tank
    Applying the breaks - I had to hold my weight in my arms - to stop myself from squishing him, and accelerating… well I just had to hope to god my claw like grip on the tank was gonna hold.

    Unlike 4 wheel driving where the passenger usually has an 'oh shit' bar to hold onto- the bike has nothing.

    Cornering was interesting as he gets WAY lower as I do - I knew I had to lean my body the same way he did… and yes - I saw my life flash in front of me a few times.

    I have been a pillion years ago - before I was a rider, and I was not scared at all … but as a rider it was no less enjoyable, just a little more 'scary'.

    How have your pillion experiences been? Do you enjoy taking a pillion or being one?

    Do you think that being a rider makes being a pillion more scary?
  2. Why not Eve? Don't you like "him"? :p :LOL:
  3. Yeh i would say knowing the risks, etc. have definitely changed my view on being a pillion...

    Oh and I don't really like doing it because I think a man's place is in the saddle and not cuddling his best buddy from behind. :LOL:
  4. I'm absolutely petrified of riding as a pillion, to the point where I simply refuse to even contemplate getting on the back of the bike. I just cannot do it!

    I find it's one thing hurling down the road when I'm the one doing the riding, but it's completely different thing when I have to leave control to someone else... maybe I have trust issues :)
  5. Eve are you afraid of getting coodies?
  6. Nope - bring on the boy germs.

    I was afraid of smothering him and not allowing him to ride properly

    (i.e endangering my life)

    He told me i was a good pillion - BUT i was still scared and i agree - i think its coz i had 0 control.
  7. i had never been on the back untill i got my new ride.. the owner didnt want me to ride it.. now i wasnt that fussed about being on the back.. but.... this guy couldnt ride for sh!t so some fear did come about. im the same in a car though.. worlds worst passenger..
  8. I have never been or had a pillion, don't really want either TBH, though I think that having no exp would make your a worse pillion to the rider but you would be to distracted to be scared.

    Whereas when experienced rider is on the back it's better for the rider but you concentrate of the ride more ie. omg omg omg I don't lean this much, is this ok?

    If that makes sense at all.
  9. well i got ya..but no pillion is better than any..
  10. Yeah it does.
    I was a pillion with my brother a long time ago
    (he was so in love with his ninja he wouldnt let me put my hands outside the tank pad - i had to lean on two knuckles all the way from Malvern to rye!)

    My brother kept stopping the bike and saying 'if you lean against me - we're gonna crash - you HAVE to lean with me because your straightening the bike up'

    This happened 100 times - because i kept goign 'woaaahhhh counter lean!'

    So that does make sense - however... i had more fun on the back when i didnt know how to ride, now i go HOLY SHIT car pulling out - OMG car breaking etc... (you look more now than before)
  11. Dunno, myself and everyone I know stick to the "no balls on the back" rule!!!
  12. You get the same with driving a car to.

    When you don't know how to drive and you're a passenger with a friend driving it's all fun and games. When they step out the car in the wet it's a right 'ol laugh. But once you know how to drive it's like HOLY CRAP IMMA DIE.

    More to the point (if i have one). I think when you have experience in anything that has a possible risk and you have to take the passenger seat. You keep comparing what the 'driver' is doing compared to how you would do it. Which of course is the right way in your mind. So when there is an element of danger, when it isn't done your way you think it's wrong therefore unsafe.
  13. Eve - its human nature.

    People fear what they do not understand and more-so what that cannot control....... :)
  14. sidecars are the only answer
  15. Skuffy - do you take pillions?
  16. I don't mind taking pillions.

    I think riders are better pillions.

    I prefer to ride than be a pillion myself.

    I'm hungry and thankful it's lunchtime.
  17. Hey Eve.

    Yes, I have been known to take pillions. How I ride depends on the Pillion and their experience and their ability to listen to instructions. For instance:
    - When cruising, sit how you feel comfortable
    - When riding spirited, arms around waist, hangon and follow my body direction
    - When "on the gas" - hold on tight and dont move :LOL: :LOL:
    - Under heavy braking, just let yourself fall into me - the idea is to be one object, despite gaining another 50 to 80kg depending on the pillion.
    - And, most importantly, if your uncomfortable and a little worried, just slap the side of the helmet and I will slow down..... Dont grab my nutts :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Hope this helps..... Oh, I have never been a pillion - that I can remember that is. :grin:
  18. If you allow the pillion to put their weight onto you when breaking - dont you get crushed??

    ouch -

    Sounds like u just wanna hug

    And yes - when i got too scared - i didnt slap the side of the helmet.. i think i ended up pinching! Grabbing nutts did come into my mind though
  19. YES, you certainly do a little "CRUSHED" but the idea is to minimise the amount of other things moving out of "whack" so to speak on the bike.

    When riding correctly, you will take the weight on your kegs and knees and not your arms - which is always a no no.....

    Although, for the single guys - it is a good way to get the ladies.... :eek: :LOL:
  20. I've been on the back for both guys and gals...

    My scariest was with a gal on a Duke in the spur ;) (lots of love lil)... and it wasn't overly scary but she was tall and couldn't see over her shoulder, sometimes that was a good thing :LOL: ... but her bike had a rear handle, so 1 hand was planed on that, one was around her planted on the tank.

    If you ask Flipper, she'll tell you i move around to much, but she's lying, its her bike that's uncomfortable ;) ...

    And I dont mind taking guys or gals as bitches ;) , if its a twisty ride i'd prefer a gal, as they're generally lighter.

    I agree mostly with Skuffy, but I dont like being crushed if its possible (excluding emergency braking), rather they push on the tank to reduce the weight, but i can then handle what they cant.