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VIC Are radar detectors legal?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by twistngo, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. I thought it was illegal to have radar detectors in AUs but in road rider they advertise these


    anyone know what the rules are?

  2. Radar Detectors (et al) are/were still legal in Western Australia only.

    I heard that in 2007 the politicians there had either banned them or were about to, however.

    Everywhere else, it's an offense to use one, and in some/all places an offense to even own one.
  3. I think it's like bongs, illegal to own, illegal to use, fine to collect tax on sales though!
  4. As far as I know, they're still not banned here.

    And they do carry the very real bonus of making Grant Dorrington go purple on a regular basis :grin: .
  5. Damn you twistngo. I thought I'd be starring at pics of girls :( :rofl:
  6. In NSW it is 9 demerit points if the police catch you. It is the largest value of demerit points when compared to any other offense.

    Drive/stand vehicle with speed evasion article

    Even selling and owning a radar detector is a $1245 fine and if you fail to surrender it another $1245 fine.
  8. radar isn't used much now anyway, and at least in nsw, if you can't see the damned sign, you should be booked anyway.

    What is more interesting than the radar detector is the laser detector masquerading as a parking sensor!
  9. Only if you live in QLD, Tas or the NT.
    In Victoria, NSW, SA and the ACT the sale, purchase, and possession of a radar detector is illegal.
    And I think plate blockers are covered by exactly the same legislation in Victoria (preventing the effective use of a speed measuring device).
  10. 9 demerit points???? What is he doing that's dangerous to other road users??? Fair enough fine them but 9 points???
  11. I don't see it as totally illogical. If the penalty for attempting to evade a fine is less than the fine itself then it's obvious which route people will take.

    (Actually, looking at it from the other direction - You'd need to get a fair few speeding tickets before the $1000-2000 radar detector has paid itself off in money terms, unless you zoom around at +30kph all day.)

  12. And?????
    More info? :p
  13. I have a few questions, hopefully someone will know:

    1) How do the police detect the radar detector? They sell 'kill switches' to turn it off in a hurry ... I assume it's for a reason?
    2) You'd think you could hide one on the bike somewhere.
    3) Why are you allowed to use the GPS navigators with the location of the radars (speed and red-light cameras) programmed into them?
    4) What are 'number plate blockers'?

    Finally, a useful thread :grin:
  14. The oscillator circuit of the radar detector "leaks", and retransmits a signal on a different frequency when a radar wave passes through it. Radar-detector detectors monitor the known "echo" frequencies for such an echo.

    The kill-switch (and the radar-detectors with an "auto-kill" feature) is so that the detector isn't screaming away with radar alerts when the police officer pulls you over for speeding, and to give you a desperate chance at evading detection.

    I say 'desperate' because as soon as a radar wave hits an active detector, the detector has broadcast its existence to the police. If traffic is light then it's preeeeeeetty obvious which vehicle has a detector installed (probably the one that just jumped on the anchors!).

    You can hide them in cars too! Not sure what you meant by this. :)

    No fixed speed cameras (that I know of) in Australia use radar. Mobile units with unknown locations use radar and laser (LIDAR).

    Speculation: Aside from controversial positioning of some speed cameras (though that practice isn't very popular in NSW anymore it seems), most of 'em are in places where speed has been a problem in many accidents and so they want you to slow down. Slowing down for a problem area is good, and if your GPS is telling you to slow down for a problem area (just like the signs do in NSW), then that's good... right?

    That's my guess, anyway. Heck, NSW even publishes the location of all their speed cameras publically. It's even in the road atlas.

    Even with a GPS advisory or a road atlas you're still subject to random interception by a mobile unit, which is what the radar/lidar detector attempts to protect you from.

    LCD panels placed over the license plate that can turn from clear to opaque when supplied with electricity. Similar to the LCDs used in the "automatic cutoff" welding goggles. Illegal to have installed and/or use on the road; they are used (during car/bike shows only) on show vehicles to obscure the license plate of custom vehicles from public eyes. Most show vehicles are trailered to/from the show, of course.

    (I've always wondered why the show vehicles' owners don't just remove the plate(s), or put an opaque cover over the plate. Afterall, it's not like they can drive their vehicle legally with the 'blocker' installed anyway, right? Still, that's how the blockers are marketted...)
  15. Thank you Spots.

    I was cusious about the number plate blockers, although if you need to activate them manually then you can simply slow down. The problem is getting done by one of these dreaded contraptions without being aware of it.
    Sometimes the police sets themselves somewhere very convenient (for them), with a tripod-mounted speed camera.
  16. Damn that's expensive :mad:

    I don't mind the not driving bit, I can always find someone to drive me around it's more the not riding part that sh1ts me. I could always limit myself to the track, I guess ...
  17. For a small fee I can provide information that is a 100% fool proof method of avoiding a fine and loss of points in any state.
  18. You're gonna have to share it for free mate, I'm not paying for information from a Hyosung 250 rider ... no offence ... :roll:
  19. Yeah, yeah, just like those websites with 'pro forma' letters to send! I will tell you for FREE!!! Don't go over the speed limit! :LOL:
  20. Bugger.

    Beat me to it.