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Are Pre 1965 Vespa Parts Worth anything?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fixxer, May 5, 2012.

  1. hey guys,

    i was just doing a big shed clean out at my grandmothers place where i am currently living and come across a couple of old engines, and some random bits and peices of what im told are old Vespa parts.

    My grandfather was building a go kart for my uncle back in the early 60's using a Vespa drivetrain, and ive got alot of bits and peices laying around.

    Anyone know if they are worth any money or are they all just giant paperweights?

  2. Original Italian scooters are now getting very collectable. I dunno what parts are worth but there will certainly be some demand if they're useable or fixable. Worth a pop on fleabay or an enquiry with a classic scooter club (if such exists) at least.
  3. vespa club...
    the old ones are really sought after, there was a thread a while back on a scam involving cheap chinese replicas due to the demand.
  4. 50 year old, impossible to find parts are worth heaps, even Vespa's.

    Google, Vespa parts, The wanted parts page,
  5. cheers guys,

    pulled the parts out of the shed, and it seems as though i have nearly a full motor and gearbox there. the head has been taken off as too the intake system, but its all there, could be missing a couple of bolts ect.

    bit of surface rus on everything, the clutch packs are probably the worst.

    Having a prick of a time trying to identify the exact era its from, but im 90% sure it was pre 1960.

    Any vespa experts on here?
  6. according to a vespa website i have a 1958 vespa 150 motor and box. Now just gotta see what its worth
  7. Fixxer - put it up on Ebay - and you shall get it sold fairly quickly, I think. There is a lot of demand out there for stuff like that.
  8. For years I've been telling the wife not to throw my mechanical junk out! Now she can see why.
  9. vespa parts wanted here

  10. They are worth absolutely nothing and will gladly take them of your hands free of charge.