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Are personalised plates REALLY that stupidly expensive?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. I was looking at myplates.com.au (NSW) and the prices range from $80 to $200 for the plate itself, and then $220 or more PER YEAR ongoing......... In a few years the plates will be worth more than the bike!!!

  2. Yep, rediculous! Not many creative anymore either, which I find a huge WOFTAM.

    Ive seen GSXR on a...GSXR. I've seen HOG on a...Harley. Plenty more boring ones.

    Come on people, if you're going to pay that much at least have something creative or make an effort!

    Gotta be careful coz some won't get through. Ive had 'CUM' & 'CNT 2U' knocked back. Even got to actually pay for the CNT one. It was rejected about a week later though!
  3. In Vic it's a once off fee, but last time I enquired it was going to cost $450 for a traditional styled plate. Bugger that.
  4. There is hope yet! OAF OOI and BFOOKD are still available.
  5. Not stupidly expensive, just stupid.

    Specially if you pay several hundred bucks to have a set of letters on your car/bike that the manufacturer provided you with for free.

    A lot of the ones I've seen in WA have a whiff of slightly desperate present buying about them.
  6. yeah, I get that impression too, all I really wanted was some variation of 95VFR but not at that price.....
  7. Why would you want your plates to be distinctive? I want my plates to be ordinary and easily forgotten so people are less likely to remember them.
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  8. Dunno........

    You know those mags that report prices paid at auctions?

    I have always assumed that the absolutely stupid prices paid for really wanky number plates was some kind of laundering process for drug or bribe money.
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