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Are people scared to buy a bike without a RWC?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Trol, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. I was just wondering how people perceive buying a second hand bike that is not supplied with a RWC (road worthy certificate).

    Would you pay more than the cost of Roadworthy for a bike with RWC than one without? *

    *Thanks Jomo. :grin:

  2. Wouldn't really mind myself, since I'd be inspecting it thoroughly, and having a mech inspection done.
  3. Question needs rewording;

    eg. If a bike is for sale for $3000 with RWC, and one is for sale for $2900 without RWC.
    Then YES I'll definitely pay more for the RWC one - because the cost of the RWC on the other one is going to be more than the savings I make....

    You should maybe reword to say something along the lines of "Would you pay more than the cost of Roadworthy for a bike with RWC than one without?"

    Of course if it's a significant difference I'd inspect the bike and judge whether it will indeed pass roadworthy.
  4. Doesn't bother me - a RWC is no guarantee a bike is in safe and/or reasonable condition anyway. Can be useful though to find out just when it was last roadworthied to get an idea of it's history.
  5. RWC's/rego inspections aren't worth spit, if you know someone who will do one, anything will pass.
    Get a bike inspected by a third party if you don't know what you're looking at. Any honest bike seller will be cool with it, any dishonest one will end conversation right there.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Voted :arrow: Pay more for RWC

    & the additional amount I'd pay would be the cost of the RWC so I'd
    re-imburse you the $70 it cost you to get one.

    I wouldn't buy a POS that still needed more work on it, & if it didnt need
    anything more to get one, I'd be paying you $170 less ($100 for the
    inspection to verify its mechanically sound & $70 for RWC. :)

    Not a steal in my books because I'm taking $170 off you with one hand
    & giving it to someone else with the other. :grin:
  7. I hope not, I've got a VTR250 I need to get rid of :p.
  8. The exact words I could not find in my head before. Thanks.
  9. :evil: :evil:
    OK ... 10 paces at dawn ... oh and by the way your rear disc is undersize
    :p :p :p
  10. I would be very unlikely to buy a bike without a RWC,

    Not because it provides any assurance that the bike is in good condition, but because in Vic you need a RWC to transfer the bike into your name.

    You will have to get one anyway if the seller doesnt provide it, and in Vic if it isnt sold with a RWC, the seller needs to cancel the rego as well. The buyer then needs to get a RWC and take it to Vic Roads for an inspection.

    When I have bought second hand bikes, I have organsied for my mechanic to give it an inspection, and if it checks out ok, give the bike a RWC at the same time. This makes the process clean and simple

    So Yes, I would pay more for a bike with a RWC, I would prefer to pay more and save myself some time and hassles
  11. Yeah, +1 on The Org: I'd need an RWC to transfer the rego anyway, and given that they'll very often find some little thing that needs fixing to pass a RWC, it's more expense and hassle than it's worth to go get one myself after buying the bike. Plus I'm likely to buy a bike with a non-standard pipe, for example, and not want to have to switch it over just to pass RWC. So, to put it the opposite way from your question, a bike would need to be a fair bit cheaper to make me interested in buying it sans-RWC.
  12. when i bought my storm a few months ago, the guy wanted $9500, but it had no rego, no roadworthy, didnt even start. it was in good nick, 25000k's, very dirty though so i got it for $7100, but i still had to spend about a grand to get her up to scratch.
  13. Wouldn't even think about a bike that didn't have reg. and RWC.
    If it's too hard for the seller, then it's WAY too hard for me! Why would I want to do all the running around and take the risk of extra expense? Let the seller do it.
  14. i think its a big risk buying a bike without rwc and rego. if i had to i would pay far less for it than with rego or rwc.
  15. As others have pointed out, rego/rwc inspections don't prove jack $hit and shouldn't be relied on to give you an indication of the bikes condition - thats for you and whichever mechanic you take it to, to decide.
  16. you normally get the bike checked by mechs, when buying second hand so most of the time you'll be able to find out if theres any major problems, if there is tell the seller to remove the cost from the selling price.
  17. Without a RWC the registration is normally lost unless done within 14 days. However, registration itself is not actually the title to the bike.
    This is where a reciept for the bike is actually more important to the buyer.
  18. phizog, we get the point that a RWC is not a guarantee of the bike's performance and reliability, or anything like it. The value of the RWC is in avoiding legalistic hassles around the transfer of registration, and unforeseen 'bities' in getting that transfer done. I absolutely agree that a mechanic's check is essential for the purchase, but unless the mechanic can also do an RWC you're going to have to get one anyway. As someone said above, if it's too much hassle for the seller... then at least they'd better be prepared to drop the price enough to compensate the buyer for the hassle, i.e. more than just the cost of the RWC.
  19. once upon a time you could get a RWC with a slab to the right people. however, Vicroads is much more thorough now, so it's nowhere near as bad as it used to be. Never by a car off a guy who's best mate is a mechanic!!!
  20. I suspect that the system in Victoria may well have changed lately (I hope) but when I lived there in the 80s a car didn't have to have a roadworthy for yearly registration, only when it was sold. Some to the garbage that was on the roead defied belief.

    If a bike has gone three or four years (for example) without any RWC, who knows what maintenance that should have been done, hasn't?