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Are people scared of changing lanes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pringa8, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. I'm convinced that there is a vast percentage of drivers out their that are genuinely scared of changing lanes in multi lane roads. I think they find the whole thing too daunting with other vehicles around, or sometimes without any at all! Too much going on at the same time, I dunno why I just think it's so.

    Example one, yesterday - on en entrance ramp with behind a truck and car. There's a single car in the left hand lane to which the entrance ramp merges into. D!ckhead in the car has absolutely no one around him except for us in the entrance lane. Instead of just moving across to one of the three available lanes, he slows down, sits in the lane between the car an me with the truck waiting for this dickhead to move over so he doesn't cut him off, retard still wont move over so I just crossed the white line to get the fook out of that situation!

    Example two - I see it everyday, people lined up in the right or left hand lane (probably cause they want to turn in 8kms) while leaving the middle lane free?? Again I think it's the case of too much going on around traffic lights so just stick in the lane, it's easier.

    Have you guys noticed similar things? I figure if youre too scared to even change lanes you shouldn't be there.

  2. I reckon that most drivers couldn't drive a greasy stake up a pigs bum.
    One day soon you may agree.
  3. It's because they've seen all the skidmarks on the M1 near merging zones... Skidmarks in the next lane across. From drivers in the left lane going "Oh crap, people are merging!" and frantically changing into the lane to the right without a headcheck. Crunch, spin.

    Nobody wants to be responsible for that sort of silly accident, so it's easier to just ignore the merging traffic and be a selfish lazy bastard. ;)

    The one I don't like is when I make room for a car that wants to change lanes, and they don't because they can't judge how far away my motorcycle is. Over-cautious because of crap spacial awareness. But, I guess that's better than the other option - no caution and still no spacial awareness. :-k
  4. Ones I don't get are those that change to the right hand lane to pass as many cars as possible only to exit the highway a few hundred metres down the road (often dangerously cutting between cars in the process). Even worse when they're the only car exiting the highway.
    Think I'll have to agree with Rog.
  5. Yes, many are. My mum is one example, she thinks changing lanes more than once every 5 minutes is hooning :grin: But thats because she isn't comfortable changing lanes, not a confident driver.

    You'll find any non confident drivers have the same attitude; if they can't do it comfortably, then other people doing it is dangerous.
  6. and then you've got the 'fraidy cats who are too scared to accelerate passed a truck in the lane next to them because they have some fear of the truck spontaniously losing control and ploughing them off the road.i see it everyday where a truck will be in the centre lane of a 3 lane road and theres dickheads in the left and right lanes just sitting back at 40kph,refusing to go past the truck.fcuking morons!! :evil:
  7. I agree, an _alarming_ number of people are - esp in the freeway merging sceneario you speak of. I see it all the time when on the bike or in the car. Even worse are the cars that are merging/entering into the freeway where they come to a near or complete stop even though there is ample space for a smooth transition/merge. That's why I always insist to drive when with my gf or family members, they are sometimes guilty of this "crime"! ;-) I believe it comes down to a) not paying attention or b) lack of confidence with merging
  8. Doesn't it sh!t you!! You should see merging here in Canberra, it's a joke. It's probably these people's worst nightmare. Most of the time it just comes to a grinding halt, even from ones just after traffic lights.

    And I'm with you Rog, its a case of retards teaching retards and the retards are growing.
  9. The solution to the merging problem is to make it a requirement that all vehicles on the road have a power/weight ratio of at least 180hp/tonne.

    Maybe even 250hp/tonne.

    The Corvette C6 we rented in the US made it very easy to merge. You move onto the on-ramp, look at the traffic, "I think I'll merge into that gap.... there!" - press the accelerator pedal firmly and the car instantly teleports to the gap you wish to merge into. :LOL:

    It's a funny situation... They're afraid of merging because they don't have enough power to easily "maneuver" back/forth relative to the traffic on the freeway... But if they don't commit and Just Do It, the lack of acceleration means they have no chance of merging cleanly at all. :-k It's a leap of faith, really.
  10. [quote="SpotsThe one I don't like is when I make room for a car that wants to change lanes, and they don't because they can't judge how far away my motorcycle is. Over-cautious because of crap spacial awareness. But, I guess that's better than the other option - no caution and still no spacial awareness. :-k[/quote]

    That's a good one because it doesn't matter how far you are away they're aware that motorcycles can close that gap in a fraction of a second.

    When in a car i very ever rarely merge in front of a bike. Mostly cause i don't want to slow em down.
  11. There are very few cars that can't accelerate to the speed limit in the allotted distance on an on-ramp. There is no excuse for getting to the merge zone doing 40km/hr less than the traffic flow. Incompetence.
  12. some car drivers think that if you go up to the redline the engine will automatically explode lol.. they believe the engine just aint up to the task

  13. Oh, certainly.

    But my (silly) suggestion was that it's a lot less stressful and less demanding to spend 4 seconds accelerating to speed and then 6 seconds sauntering into position for the merge, than it is to spend 9 seconds getting to speed and having just 1 second before you shuffle across.

    Much less skill required when you can just pick an arbitrary gap and be there. :grin:
  14. But even with a car that can accelerate there seems to be a trend with drivers to accelerate as little as possible, and as slowly as possible, which I suspect is due to high fuel prices making putting the foot down on a big V8 a little to expensive for some.
  15. I tend to hang back on some trucks as they are over both the centre lane and also a little of the next lane. This to me says this truck could be about to change lanes, isn't confident of his width of vehicle, or just not paying any attention to road craft

    if the truck seems to be able to maintain his own lane, then I will happily go past
  16. I drove from Penrith to Newcastle last night using the M7, M2 & F3 and I had these very same thoughts throughout the journey. I came to the conclusion that many people just don't scan ahead or try to plan what they are doing. My particular favourite is the motorist who is doing 110km/h and approaching a large truck/slower moving vehicle which is obviously doing significantly less. Now, instead of reading the situation and changing lanes a couple of hundred metres before they come up to the truck/slower moving vehicle, they bore right up its arse, jump on the brakes and then look to change lanes - often just pulling straight out in front of someone.
    My other favourite is the motorist sitting in the right hand lane travelling 1km/h faster than the vehicle in the left lane and quite happy to sit on that speed differential for how ever many kilometres it takes to pass. Fer chrissake - give it a squirt to get past and then get over!
  17. Two factors govern this behaviour, in my opinion. One is that the average Australian driver AND RIDER is not taught to scan the road ahead of the car immediately in front of him, and is therefore unprepared for something that will 'concertina' back to him from several cars ahead. Having been caught one or two times, they opt for discretion, not valour. In the process, of course, they hold everyone up, and learn NOTHING.

    The second is the truly scary number of unlicensed and disqualified drivers and riders on the road. They are desperately trying not to draw attention to themselves, and in the process of doing so, draw attention to themselves :LOL:.
  18. This would require people to actually be able to read the traffic, a skill which most motorcyclists have and about 2% of other motorists have.
  19. +1

    I really think that more than half of the cagers out there just about have a brain meltdown at the thought of getting dressed every morning....bugger anything more complicated like operating the machine.
  20. I think the problem is that most people are not taught to drive - they are taught to pass the licence test (very different thing).

    No matter how often I see it, the inability to anticipate always leaves me completely flabbergasted.

    Best one I ever saw was in Chatswood, sitting in the right lane at a set of red lights, one car in front of me and a bunch of cars turning left in the kerbside lane. About 200 metres down the road on the other side of the lights is a car indicating right and waiting for the constant stream of oncoming traffic to clear. Lights turn green, I drive through the intersection, clear the cars turning left, indicate and move into the left lane ready to go around the car turning right. The guy in front of me accelerates away from the lights, and then has to stomp on the brakes, almost locking it up in the process, because the car turning right still hasn't moved. I was like WTF? We both had ample time to view the situation and the oncoming traffic and realise the guy turning right wasn't going to move anytime soon and we both had ample time and space to change lanes and go around him. I still have no idea what was (or wasn't) going on in that guy's head.