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are people dusting off their bikes for summer ???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. hey all,
    I noticed this morning that there were more bikes than usual on the road on the way to work. Are the winter-hibernating riders dusting off their rides because its getting warmer and the sun is up earlier ?

    I thought it was unreal. There was a great mix out there also, saw a couple of TMax scooters, Buell CityX's seem to be popular and heaps of sportbikers !

    I even got a knod from a chic on a Vespa ! . . . that lit up my morning. :grin:

    I was in a convoy of 4 bikes, a VFR800, me, FZ6, and a yellow Gixxer - as usual spliting through traffic and utilising the bus lanes on Victoria Rd. I think we were all in a rush to get to the bike parking spots in the city.

    Then a dude with a Ducati 999 turns up. All of a sudden the Duc and the Gixxer disappear into the distance . . . . you gotta love sportsbikers when they get an adrenaline rush ! :LOL:

    motorbike riding weather is certainly around the corner !! :dance:
  2. I rode to uni today up wellington with a group of riders, too.
    An gsxr1300, a buell (with what MUST have been an illegal exhaust, fcuk that thin was awesome), and some newish kwaka.

    Me on the Z250 couldn't keep up, as they split like crazy. Personally I don't do the whole lane splitting thing anymore (not worth it.)

    I don't know about summer riding because my bike is aircooled :(

    I think i'll be summer driving if all goes according to plan and my triumph gets the P76.
  3. What is this 'biking weather' you speak of? Here in Brisbane the winter has been superb riding weather. Drought sucks for gardening, but it rocks for riding!
  4. :dance:

    It's spring! :roses:

    Frank: Klinger!
    Klinger: Sir!
    Frank: How dare you wear that hat while in uniform?!
    Klinger: It's spring, sir!
  5. More bikes would be on the road if the petrol stay this high... which makes it safer for us.. cagers will pay more attention...
  6. Your not the only one who is noticing that.
    Went for a quick ride to Corowa yday arvo ... never seen so many bikes on that stretch of road.
  7. :rofl:

    What are you on? I want some!

    Sorry. All silliness aside, that statement truly is just not going to come about. Cagers will always live in their own worlds when on the road, and not even an increased number of two-wheelers on the roads will change that.
  8. We are having what the Aborigines would have called Pre Spring. A little hint of what's around the corner. Before it changes back again later in August.
  9. Yep have pretty much ridden every work day over the last six months and noticed the lack of bikes as soon as it got cold. Numbers picking back up again have to get to work a bit earlier to get my usual footpath parking space [gotta love Melbourne] :LOL:

    Living on the Peninsula I went for a ride on Sunday and FFS how many bikes were out! Fair weather riders eh! I'd be one if it wasn't my only form of transport.
  10. hmmm...

    yeah, sunday was a busy bike day! Was chatting about it to my mate... he made a good point.
    Sunday riders might be a little more likely to have accidents simply because they dont have as much experience on the road. And most often they go in a group, which is safer, but prob try to show off, keep up, ride faster, lean more, etc.

    Not to say that they arent good riders. But hey, we all know a little time away from the bike sometimes takes a bit of getting used to again.
    Anyway, I thought it was a good point.
  11. Im in the same boat, gotta ride as I have nothing to drive and I wouldnt have it any other way :wink:

    But I have been noticing alot more bikes on the road in the last week, wont last long then they will all be back at the end of October :LOL: :wink:
  12. Sydney? Winter?

    You're pulling me leg ain't you Micky? :-k

    Hobart has a winter, we just have the occassional cool day. :LOL:
  13. Yeah, it's all relative, eh Jaq? When I lived in Canberra there was no real difference between winter and summer numbers, and winter there could be -7 in the mornings; I was driving back from Wollongong today with the air-conditioning on in the car!
  14. was his plate ADCTD? I've seen a dude riding into town off the Monash carpark with a Buell with that plate & longish dark hair! Rides like someone possesed!

    I ride everyday so weather not really an issue but when I booked my bike in for service, chain, sprockets & tyres recently my mechanic said my timing was good cause they're busying up now with all of the hibernators waking up! May pay to book in soon if ya don't want to be on a waiting list!
  15. Yeah me too...I rode to work with me jacket unzipped. :dance:

    I mean that's air-con yes? :-k
  16. Im spending the day with jacket open, jacket closed, open, closed etc. Great job when the weather is like this and you have a fresh set of michelins underneath ya!
  17. Yep, is it over already? was that it?

    Ive just been wearing a long sleeve T-shirt under my jacket and neck warmer comuting to work daily, there was only 2 weeks where my fingers in the summer ventilated gloves got uncomfortable and stingy.

    Gets cold further out west, but near the ocean it never gets that cold in Sydney.
  18. Do you work for Michelins, and are advertising the brand? Or do you just really like them? :LOL: :LOL:

    Yeah weather is good at the moment. Ride today was really nice weather for a ride. Not hot, not cold.... Hmmm a bit cliche but it was "just right" :LOL:
  19. took my daughter to soccer today on the bike & i havent seen so many bikes on the road in months !!!

    the weather was so fine that when we got back she reckons she's not getting on the bike again til it cools down 'cause i made her wear a jacket & she was too hot

    ya gotta love it !!
  20. Don't work for michelin, usually run bridgestones but these were on the shelf so I grabbed them.
    Any new tyres feel this good after the worn out set I finally got rid of. 1200km + a week will do that.