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Are parts hard to come by for some models?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by finky10, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. i've heard that there are problems getting parts for bikes such as susuki and kwakas....

    problems being that they cost a shhiiieeet load.
    honda seem to have the cheapest? and most available parts support.

    any truth to this statement.... and therefore... would you stick to a honda for a first bike?
  2. there is more trouble with certain BIKES than others but generalizing like that isn't right. all the 4 main food groups (honda/kwakamasaki/suzuki/yamehaha) have some VERY common bikes. this means that there are parts a plenty for the more common bikes of all brands. but each of these brands has its more obscure models aswell, meaning it can be difficult to find stuff.

    ask about a specific model and we can probly tell you how hard you'll find it. but i'd say all the brands as a whole are on par with each other really....
  3. I am not sure about differences between brands (re:pricing and parts availability) but I can tell you that grey imports (cbr-r's, fzr's, zx2r's...) tend to be much more difficult and usually more expensive than models properly sold in australia.

    note: I think the cbr-r's are the imported cbr (or was it the cbr-rr?)

    As for first bike - I chose the one that suited me personally. I went for an fzr because at the time it was the cheapest I could find (which was my prime criteria) and it went well, and if I waited till I had the money for another bike it would have been at least 6-12 months longer wait (and I wasn't willing).

    For first bike - set your requirements (if parts are important, then perhaps honda is a good option as there are quite a few honda shops around), sit on MANY and try the ones that you still like (even ones you previously ruled out), and have fun.
  4. ok ok.... I knew it was a fairly open ended question when i asked it.

    more specifically now...

    How is the support for an FZR250.
    They seem to be a cheaper option in the sports 250 category. Finished their manufacturing run in '94??

    any comments on these bikes as a first-up bike? problems getting parts? servicing?

    thanks guys
  5. My first bike was a FZR250, had no problems with servicing, parts or insurance :)

    And it was a top little bike :D Highly recommend it
  6. not as common as the 2 main ones (CBR/ZXR) but still fairly common. if it was my money, i go with the cheaper buy in the first place and worry about parts when it comes to it. theres a good chance you wont need any in the short time you'll have it and even if you do, the difference in parts prices definately isn't enuff to warrant an extra $1-2k for a bike that performs pretty much the same :D you will be able to find bits pretty easily, some places might just charge more due to rarity.....