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Are motorcyclists that stupid?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Serioulsy.

    I don't know what else to do to make it easier for users of this forum to understand the simple things.

    The contact us page clearly states;

    Please Note: We are not a "help desk" and therefore cannot answer or respond to any motorcycle related assistance questions, please ask in our forums.
    Also Note: Please ensure you have read the FAQ's before asking a question. We will not respond to contact emails with questions that are answered by the FAQs.
    Yep, you guessed it, we still get asked questions that we have already answered for them. We still get "i'm looking for performace parts do you sell them if not do you know who does"

    And the Ask Vic page, before you can enter a question, you get a pop up box that clearly states that this is just a jovial section of the website, yet these brainiacs insist on sending through serious questions.

    Maybe these people all have helmets that are too small and therefore have removed their brains in order to get the lid to fit :?
  2. Can you share with us some of the witty way out there questions you get ?

    I heard someone tried to book a riding lesson !
    hahahahah !
  3. ha ha! vic, you should talk to hienz_gruderian (stump's x 'pants') he will tell you most riders are as dumb as dumb can get

    he use to work for sydney city motorcycles as a spare parts interpretor but became an interpretor for the english language

    i was gobsmacked when he told me how much he couldnt stand 1/2 the customers because surely, he would have at least had something in common with them.

    it's not just bikes, its 4x4 and cars too



    [and they're breeding]
  4. You mean like this

    Question: hey hey vic, you know how cats always land on their feet? If a cat had no legs and you threw it out a window would it land on its stumps?
    Answer: It's a cat, who gives a shit!

    :LOL: Gold

    F#cking GOLD

    Love your work Vic :grin:
  5. triway wrote

    hmmm, does this ^ have something to do with the fact that only 'stumps' had replied until you came along? hhmm??? :LOL:

    here's a question for you

    aw, vic,

    should i sell my honda cb250 or keep it instead of buying another brand new honda cb250?


    nup! it happened!

    a chick bought a brand new honda cb 250 [u know, the bike one buys when one has no personality or taste] then a year later she decided to buy a new bike.

    she went to bike shop, traded in her cb 250 for another brand new cb 250


    stump it up! :cool:
  6. There are dopey people in all walks of life. Clever ones are about too. It's not so bad, really.
  7. I'm with Stump and Vic on this one.
    Some incredibly stupid people ride bikes, I worked in a bike shop for 2 yrs, and being a sales rep in the motorcycle industry I still see them, and I am eternally grateful I don't have to deal with them anymore.

    Vic, what you get is nothing, trust me.
  8. :rofl: :p :p
  9. To paraphrase the '6th sense' movie:

    I see dumb people.
    They're all around us, everywhere.
    And they don't even know they're dumb...
  10. Damn... that is dumb... 2 Hondas in a row?

    That's like asking to be re-audited by the tax department! :LOL:
  11. "Are motorcyclists that stupid?"

    Hardleys and Ducatis get sold don't they?
  12. "Dumb" isn't something you can help, but I'm all for doing away with them as long as you get rid of all the whiners, fat chicks, bitches, elitist snobs, bald or red haired people etc...
    Someone grab me my pitchfork and a box of matches - we have a busy decade ahead of us.
  13. eventually the Darwinism theory will take them out. Usually though they have bred by this stage
  14. And here you thought it was going to be all beer n skitttles and brown paper bags full of cash for comment kickbacks when your the pres huh Vic. :LOL:
  15. Problem is that these are the ones who have 6 kids on single parent benefits... the smart and pleasant motorcyclists I know are clever enough to use contraception...

    contraception and baby-bonus benefits are destroying the human race's ability to improve its gene pool.
  16. Hmm. Didn't know that spare parts needed interpretting. From my experience they speak one language - money, and lots of it....
  17. And unfortunately there are those out there who consider this a blanket statement about anyone who rides bikes...

  18. When you get requests like:

    "I don't know what kind of bike it is or how old, except it says [brand] on it
    and says 108cc on the engine...I need a new one of this thing I've
    brought in, you can see it's broken in half, I don't know what its called..."

    a good spare parts interpreter needs an encyclopedic knowledge of parts and construction methods of motorbikes, all the motorbikes of the past 20-30 years ever made by his/her brand(s), and how to find
    details of such parts in the books or computer systems (which aren't
    always accurate).
  19. yes hotcam and when interpretating they are strictly not allowed to order parts by the bikes make or description. they have to have a number for the job


    BOLLOCKS! if you're willing to learn and be guided by the right people you can say 'no' to that 4x4, decide that risk taking has a negative outcome and not worth while, realize that if a commercial said it, there is no law that states it must be fact, get an idea of how many true arses there really are out there, understand the world isnt all black and white, watch the world with logic and spot a con a mile away, and exersize that muscle in your brain called the 'snappy comeback', and there you are :grin:

    stump it up! :cool: