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Are Michelin Power Pure finished?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Penny187, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Checking both the US and AUS website I can't see the Power Pure as an option anymore? Possibly replaced with the Pilot Power 3 which looks new.

    Power Pure is still listed as a Scooter option.

    Can anyone confirm Power Pure are finished? Been using them for 2 years looks like it might be time for a change...S20 time.
  2. They should be, they were a backward step from the Pilot Power

    Top idea on the S20, they crap all over the Michelins, S20 is an awesome tyre for road use
  3. Agreed on the S20, I absolutely love the set I am using now. Might even pull me away from the Q2 as my favourite tyre.
  4. Might also add that my friend who works at a dealership said that they are replacing the Pure with the Pilot Power 3, so I guess that is a yes.

    I think you will be very very happy with the S20, especially after coming from the Pure.
  5. Pures were critcised due to the carcass construction not being able to handle road riding. I am not surprised they are being discontinued.
  6. Was talking to Bruce at @MMMTS on Friday about tyres that are being phased out. I believe these were on the list from memory. He may be able to confirm.
  7. No loss mate. There are other tyres out there. Some of them run rings around the Pures!
  8. Yes Pures are gone and Angel ST's as well Pures have been replaced by Pilot Power 3 and Angel ST's have been replaced by Angel GT's.
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