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Are Mercedes drivers the new Volvos?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Maxo, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. Title's a little misleading - I've noticed recently that the bigger and more expensive the car, the less likely the driver is to show any courtesy and consideration to other road users, in particular me on my motorbike. Perhaps they think that having paid serious $$$'s for their vehicles entitles them to unlimited road space and to neglect lesser road users? Several times recently - more than normal - blokes (and it *does* seem to be late-middle aged blokes in business apparel) in expensive-looking Mercedes or exy SUV's (Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5, etc) have just pulled straight in front of me irrespective. Thankfully, my air horns and the fact that these drivers are now 'on my radar' have kept me from actual contact with any of these expensive behemoths, but it's been a close call on more than one occasion!

  2. Air horns? I think the Suzuki VX800 is the new volvo :p
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  3. Watch out for Audi's. They are the new Volvo.
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  4. No, Audi dickheads are the new BMW dickheads.

    And for disclosure. I owned a BMW and Volvo at the same time once! It was hard remembering which way I should drive.
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  5. I'm inclined to agree with big new expensive cars. I've recently noticed an influx of these sorts of cars around our humble little town down the road for some reason while at the same time noticing some really pushy driving that smacks of entitlement.

    It's not just the men, although it could be because I ride during the day when the blokes are at work and their wives are driving the annual bonus' around town.
  6. Subaru Foresters are the new Volvo.....
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  7. Oh god YES! the bigger the Mercedes badge the bigger the fcukwitted driver.
  8. Around where I live they're typically ethnics trying to prove their station in life. Often it is an older model European car they picked up cheaper at the auctions.
  9. I was sitting in a traffic jam last year in my manky old Land Rover looking at the right hand lane at a brand new Hilux, followed by a brand new Dodge then a brand new Merc and wondered briefly 'what would it be like to drive a brand new car?' And then a brand new Beema hit the Merc which hit the Dodge who then hit the Hilux! I kid you not!

    I laughed with relief as my lane started to move off vowing never to drive a brand new car.
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  10. Some Mercedes drivers are also riders, and have been known to retract their mirrors to let riders filter through :)
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  11. Funny, most of the near miss vids seem to be tradies in utes or mums in Mazdas..........
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  12. You sure they're not just worried about you clipping their mirror and the $4 Gillion dollar repair bill for an OEM mirror.
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  13. #13 iClint, Mar 5, 2015
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    I think its about Mercedes being the new volvo's not near misses, as in they drive around slower than the limit decide at the last minute they need to be in the left hand lane and hold up all the traffic while they inch forward scared they are going to hit the car a bus length away from them.

    try to pass a truck or bus on the left while turning and then give a FFS I'm driving a Mercedes why are you trying to run me over look.

    Decide to stop in the middle lane of southern cross drive with their left indicator on saying "oh but I need this exit", as all the traffic behind them screams to a halt as they then once again inch over across lane 1 to the exit with a look on their face like "whats your problem I'm driving a Mercedes Give way to me....

    ... then realise this wasn't the exit they wanted and try to rejoin the motorway from the exit ramp from a standing start, then immediately move across to the far right lane and do 30km's an hour as they stare at the dashes inbuilt GPS wishing they could turn it up side down like a paper map to somehow get a better understanding on where they are.

    Tradies and mums in mazda's is a different story all together.

    The mums are instant agro's because they need to get the kids to school and then get to their job at bunnings so they can ignore the customers while bitching about the middle management.

    2:30 comes around and it's time to endanger everyones lives so she can double park outside the school, scream at the kids to run across the road and jump in the car before ripping a U-turn but misjudging it and having to do a 3 point turn then pinning someone elses child against a fence and killing them.

    the tradies is about their testosterone being greater than their mental capacity while trying to juggle quoting a job over the phone, and weave through traffic at warp factor 9 but getting stuck behind every other vehicle because they have exceeded their mental quota and can't plan their lane changes.... the agro in them rises to critical point as I once again drive past them while they are stuck behind a mercedes driver despite their efforts to get ahead.

    in the meantime if you get in the way of or end up in the lane next to Mr trade or agro mum while they merge thats just collateral damge and you just shouldn't have been there in the first place.

    Well I'm off to work where I will do 8 hours of battle in my car with these nut jobs.
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  14. This is all tongue in cheek pure generalisation based on very recent experiences. Forby’s get a real hammering in the forums and to be honest, not undeservedly so as many people have no real clue as to how to treat it with the respect that it deserves based on the amount of damage it can do.

    It’s all good. Recently for me it was a P plater girl in a smart little hatch that made me want to give her a stern lecture about courtesy on the road. 20 years ago it would have been more than a stern lecture. :blackeye:
  15. What it is is Mercedes is the European equivalent of Toyota. Competent but boring. Thus they attrack boring people who can't drive, just like Toyota and 244s once did.

    The camry is still the new volvo, it's just that Mercedes drivers are Camry drivers who can afford to buy european.
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  16. so..
    utes and fluro shirts = agressive dude bros
    mercs and beamers = entitled tossers who wont brake for their own mothers
    Forbies with slick tyres = mums that will run you down to get to their "precious" babies
    forbies with off road tyres = asses that think their a semi truck and everyone need too stay out of their way
    little bubble cars = people with too much to prove. (and do so by slamming it through trafic ftw)
    Taxis = just dont.. dont even

    Maybe we should start listing types that it is safe to be around, at least itll be a much shorter list.
    Ill start with people with restored vintage cars they aways, seem to be pretty tops.
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  17. Not that I am biased or anything ;-) (sometimes I drive the Mrs' little Merc), but seriously, they seem to be the marque I have the least issues with. In a cage, on a pushie or on the moto.
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    AMG versions included?? I would argue they are for psychopaths (the good kind). And how the hell did they stuff 6.2 litres in there...
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  19. Yep. Subaru is the new Volvo.
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  20. Oh, I agree, I want some of the stupid ones, but most Mercedes are sold to boring people.

    Having said that, a was looking at second hand models recently, but couldn't quite bring myself to do it. I ended up with an Alfa.

    Ironicaly I did intend to buy a Volvo, but it was sold a few hours ahead of me.