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are integrated rear lights illegal

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by fabo, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. can anyone advise me if integrated brake lights that incorporate indicators are illegal?

  2. The indicators must be a certain distance apart, 30cm from memory to comply with the ADR's
  3. ooo does r cool.

    there no reason u cant keep the long ones and have the integrated ones aswell. atleast i tink so
  4. yep indicators must be 230mm apart, located from the centre of the bike, there is a diagram on the vicroads website, if you wanna go read up on it... :) so answer to your question, yes the indicators in a integrated light unit are illegal if used on there own :cry:
  5. Mount the indicator stalks forwards of your brake-lights on a lightly pre-loaded hinge...
  6. My '06 GSXR, all stock lights, has the closest point of the indicator lenses at 170mm apart. It's legal and ADR compliant.
  7. Yours is new and factory released completely different

    I assumed he was he was questioning modifications... if that is the case then they have to be in line with the ADR for modified vehicles. :)
  8. :?: ADR's are different for new and modified bikes? I wouldn't have thought so.
  9. not sure.... only going of what i found on the vicroads website... and then went in the dandenong branch to confirm (make sure it wasn't out of date info on the web page as i didn't really want to have a intergated light aswell) and that was only back in sept, so yeah... not really sure, only going on what i found/read and was told... gotta love the government though :roll: :evil:
  10. I know some one that has them and so far never been pulled up over it and he was with some one that was pulled over for a license check and he pulled over as well , bike cops said nothing about it ether (they did look at the bike)

  11. damn

    fitted my integrated light on........and looks great

    so im taking the risk :cool:
  12. we got pulled up at the bottom of reefton for a license check and 2 guys had them and got defective notices.... your choice.
  13. That's cause the average copper doesn't know every ADR on the bike, most of them dont even know if a P platers riding a bike that's too big!

    ADRs apply according to the year of manufacture. But manufacturers sometimes say stuff it to ADRs (like BMW with the mirror indicators - ADRs at the time didn't allow it, still dont know if they've been changed) cause what is the goverment doing to do, ban major manufactors for a few millimeter spacings on their indicators! Not likely....
  14. Hi All ,
    Just a Thought ,
    Make sure all modifications to the rear lights are legal , A traffic cop might overlook an issue but if there was ever an accident (Heaven Forbid) It would be a different story .
    The real Test would be if there was an accident investigation and major crash or the insurer for whoever ran up your arse picked up the rear lights were not compliant you could have trouble proving negligence at fault with the other driver.
    Some modifications are ok and look cool but lets not forget the safety issues .
    Cheers Rider .
  15. Any change you make to your bike will change the ADR. Even the clear lenses i fitted to the 12 are illegal. All those fancy LED lights and what not are changing the vehicles ADR, putting a colored running light is illegal. If there is ever a crack down we are all walking peoples.. :LOL:
  16. Believe it or not I rang up NSW RTA today and asked them if they were legal, after asking if they were amber etc they said they were legal. I asked if there was any minimum distance requirement between the indicators and they said no, not on bikes.

    I suppose take it with a grain of salt unless you get it in writing but a little different perspective.