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VIC Are Hidden mirrors legal? - See video

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Booki, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. #1 Booki, Oct 16, 2011
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    Gday everyone, I have got some clipon on bar mirrors that i like to use, but they are hidden.

    Its a bit hard to describe them, but they are identical to the ones on fragmasterkarls drz.


    Are these legal in aus? As i much prefer the cleaner look then the bulky stockers.
  2. Dual Star used to sell something similar,I have a Aserbrus {sp} fold out plastic mirror that is absolutely useless to see anything out of but passes the legal tick.Who knows if it passes an inspection by an anal cop who knows better,use them if they work.Have you seen the ones that fold out of the ends of barkbusters,seen on Adventure Rider and made in the USA.Dont know there name but they are really sexy gadgets
  3. can't see why they wouldn't be legal
    but i'd say they'd be a pain in the ass, giving you a great view of your sexy chest
  4. I agree on both points - way too convex-looking for my liking, even if they were mounted at bar-end...
    Gotta say I like the clean look from the front though.
  5. just DW about it, dual stars are ok.

    i hardly ever ran mirrors on the street.
  6. Sweet i will rig them up to hopefully get some good vision ;)
  7. my understanding is that there was a minimum surface area that mirrors were supposed to be according to the adr's. This may or may not be bs, I really don't know.
  8. From the ADR (Motorcycles are type LC)

  9. Hmmm interesting....Now if only i could understand the law :)
  10. so, about 8cm x 10cm

    yep, my barends are illegal then. unless that 80cm2 is shared between two of them...
  11. so half the stock mirrors on australian delivered bikes are illegal cause you can only see your bloody shoulders in them
  12. The difficulty is in defining "as far as practicable", in a nutshell, you can't. The phrase means that all circumstances need to be taken into consideration and it's not in any way quantitative. It's the sort of term that makes lawyers rub their hands in glee as it just leads to a long (and expensive) argument.