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Are Harley rubbish or is it just their riders?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mr Owl PhD, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. #1 Mr Owl PhD, Jul 3, 2016
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    I'm usually riding my modest gs500 and I don't ride like a nutter but I do enjoy redlining it through the gears from the front of the traffic up to the speed limit, I do this for my own pleasure. Anyway I was tooling around on the gf's almost new Suzuki S40, because it's fun to ride but as it's still on the second leg of its initial break in, I don't redline it and it's not even that type of bike, but I still like to take off as fast as I can while keeping the revs below 5,000 at the moment.

    If other bikes join me at the front I try to tone down my rocket take off because I don't want them to think that it's anything to do with them. This does get a bit annoying at times because I like to get as far in front of the traffic as I can before I reach the speed limit.

    Anyway so I'm on the S40 and I join a Harley who is already there, were are in different lanes. Lights change and I rocket off but I tone it down a bit because I can see Harley is really struggling and is going to get a bruised ego and I don't want to embarrass anyone, especially on an S40. However this kept the traffic annoyingly close. At the next set of lights we've both got a straight four lane dual carriageway in front of us and I have decided to just ignore Harley and ride as I normally do as I'll be pulling into Bunnings soon anyway. I can see that he's going to take off quickly and make a lot of noise so I do my normal thing and I can see that he really wants to rocket off faster than me this time and I expect him to as well.

    But instead although I'm on the lowly S40, it's not till we reach the speed limit and hold my speed is he able to eventually catch me and take off at 20 or 30 k's over the limit.

    My question is this, is it the stupid modifications that are made to the mufflers on these loud as hell Harleys that make them so crap at accelerating, or are they just so freaking heavy that they have less power to weight than an S40, or are their riders, simply crap? I hasten to add this was not an Electraglide it was a Sportster.

    Any enlightenment will be appreciated. And no, this is not me being bitter just because I have 2 or 3 Harley's with straight through pipes rocket past my house every morning and afternoon, bursting my ear drums.

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  2. Harley's are rubbish, people buying a lifestyle rather than having a need to ride... so sad...
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  3. Having seen some of the massive wide and straight roads in Nevada, it's easy to understand that Harleys are made for the US roads. Most bikes I saw in Las Vegas were Harleys, it was rare to see a sports bike, not many of the Jap 4 brands at all.
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  4. PetesulPetesul, who would have guessed that Nevada is like Redcliffe QLD?
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  5. #5 oldcorollas, Jul 3, 2016
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    most on this list seem to be mid 13's for 1/4 mile, about the same as a V8 SS commondore (883 Sportster is a bit slower though)
    Harley-Davidson Motorcycle 0-60 Times & Quarter Mile Times | Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle, Street Slide Special, FLS Softail Slim & more 0 to 60 stats!
    Vrod is in the 11's, which is about same as Triumph Striple, and not slow.

    S40 is around 16 seconds, (which is same as a Hybrid Camry)
    so yes, you would be slower if the Harley gave a shit :p

    but with lots of available mods.. some are actually pretty quick (as in, drag race quick)
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  6. maybe the harley rider actually cared less about you than you cared about him. did you think he wasn't racing you?

    do you slag off at Can-am spyder riders too? what is is with people on here slagging off at harleys? the heroes on here think it's ok to slag off at someone because their rides don't conform with what you think is appropriate? I think that is a bit immature.

    how about you make it your purpose to tell harley riders in person that they are idiots and they can't ride and their bikes are crap instead of doing it on here trying to rally a crew behind you. I'd like to see the pics. if the purpose of your post was to troll well I guess it worked.
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  7. Most beige bozos don't seem to care about launching their bikes(or cages) properly. I've even been harassed by the filth over launching assertively.

    That it was a Harley is probably entirely coincidental.
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  8. Its the rider, I have ridden with some real quick Harley Riders.In corners as well, there limit is draging hard parts,lack of ground clearance. All that toque is heaps of fun pulling out of bends .Seen any Top Fuel Drag Racing.Thats from someone who has ridden everything from WLAs, still makes me smile at that one. to cusum shovels, really my favorite to late model Evos. I have also been stuck behind some painfully slow parade types who have no clue.
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  9. Predominantly this. And that's good for two wheels.
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  10. I ride a night rod with 140hp and I can't ride for crap. I got beaten off the lights last week by a postie that was laden with about a hundred packages. I think his bike had a slip on though ...
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  11. #11 Mr Owl PhD, Jul 4, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2016
    Greetings chilliman, you have jumped to erroneous conclusions and misread or misunderstood my post or both thereby posting an obnoxious reply that is really a reply to your own ideas. I'm not 'slagging off Harley riders', although the not just loud must ear drum bustingly loud mods that many make are sociopathic.

    The question was genuine, because I was looking at an exhaust mod video (posted down below) and I was wondering if it was in fact the modifications they make that make them so slow off the line. Harley riders generally are a fairly placid lot but nearly all riders like to get away quickly from the lights, whether you just want to put some distance between you and the cars, like me, or whether like some I've seen, you like to take off fast to have time to raise the wheel in the air.

    With the particular incident I mention I assumed at the first set of lights where I backed off a bit so as not to look like I wanted to be a drag hero, that the Harley was just riding however he rode, so at the next set of light with a clear road in front of me I decided to just do what I normally do and take off as fast as I can under the prevailing conditions and then sit at the speed limit. I thought no more of the Harley until he caught up with me and passed me a good 20 kph faster, which sort of did not make sense by itself. So I assumed that my taking off did seem like some kind of a challenge. Not that I give a shit about any of this it just made me wonder if that this was an example of exhaust mods that affect performance because it doesn't require any special skill to take off quickly.

    btw, after riding the S40, I'm actually tempted to get a Harley like this one because I like the torque and the cruiser position as well as the clean lines that some Harley's get.

  12. They aren't that slow off the line (well maybe the older motors were), they make good torque and get away quite smartly in my experience.
    They just don't have the top end to continue on to a really fast quarter mile time and speed.
    But my experience lining up beside them at traffic lights is that most pull away well and easily pull clear of cars.
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  13. 95% of Harleys are faster than your s40 nugget, they just don't give one fcuk about beating you off the line.
    I find it laughable that you say you always launch as hard as you can to get as far as you can in front of traffic from the lights..... Only to stop at the next light and have the cars catch you again lol

    I'd piss myself laughing if I saw you doing that at the jump on every Green light, and I'd think to myself, look at this fcukwit...haha
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  14. Mr Owl PhDMr Owl PhD I would suggest you've touched a nerve with chilliman64chilliman64 as he is sick of people slagging off Harleys.

    I do think he's potentially correct with your wide ranging statement of suggesting harley riders are crap. But it's difficult for Chilli has he is defending the indefensible. (Joke Chilli :p)
    If the harley wanted to smoke you he could have!

    Harleys have their place just like crotch rockets and wheelie machines etc etc.

    Just ride, have fun and don't assume or be concerned about others.
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  15. I'm very tempted to drag this thread into Holding where no-one will see its sorry carcass again.... Seriously, is there nothing better to talk about than demeaning other bikes and their riders???? Grow up, please.
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  16. It does seem to be self moderating somewhat hornethornet .........
  17. I also sometimes think it's better to have the convo instead of hiding it from the world. How do people grow and learn?
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  18. I didn't say I was GOING to, just threatening it :LOL:
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  19. I do, however, think that the fact that the fastest drag-racing bikes, in this country at least, are Harleys, somewhat negates the premise of the thread......
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  20. there was no misunderstanding - your thread title of "Are Harley rubbish or is it just their riders?" made your message very clear.

    2015 Australian Motorcycle Sales Figures

    Suzuki riders the angriest

    'nuff said - now I will take my own advice and not feed the troll
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