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Are GPX250's a good bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. I have been offered a brand spanking new GPX250 (Kawa) for $5990 & ORC making it about $6990ish with a 25% discount on gear to boot plus 2 year warantee etc.

    At face value the price looks good compared to some of the older 2nd hand bikes I have seen.

    Are GPX's good bikes and is this as good a deal as it seems?

    PS> I have had sweet FA riding experience so I really need a "suitable" beginners bike.


  2. Hi Bucks,

    I learnt on a GPX 250 and found it to be a great learners bike. Easy to ride. Good fuel economy and reasonable servicing costs.

    Not the quickest 250 around but very easy to ride.

  3. GPx250 are great learner bikes...
    no real vices
    reasonable get up and go
    good handling and brakes....

    my 2c

  4. yer, good compromise, easy as all hell to ride but still got some boogie (well, for a 250 anyway). wouldn't buy one new tho, a 2nd hand one for $3k will still go just as hard, and you wont cry as much if it hits the ground. i can understand wanting the latest and greatest bike, but a brand new bike thats been the same for 15 years or so?? go 2nd hand, its just not worth it :D
  5. good ,sensible choise mate.
    can't kill em and not through lack of trying.
    cheap to service and maintain.
    have riden with a mate riding one from
    melb to sindy, sat on 120-130 no problem.
  6. my bro' has just killed his
    his GPx250 finally died at 290,000 kms....... :shock:
    timing chain broke and bits got into the gear box as well...
    he's saving for another one....
  7. i've had a fair few problems with my GPX250, but most of those are down to it being a grey import from jap, an '88 model (the first year they started making them), that has obviously spent a hell of a lot of time just sitting around doing nothing and not being ridden...

    otherwise, yeah, i'm biased, but they are a f#cking great little bike, brilliant fuel economy, etc, etc, all the stuff that's allready been mentioned...

    i really have NFI what current market values are, but $6k new sounds pretty good to me...

    and if you go second hand, make sure you check out the history of the bike if you can (something you should do regardless of what you're buying), because a bike that has been previously crashed and repaired, or left sitting (like mine) may cause you unwanted problems in the future...

    whatever the eventual outcome is, good luck, and i hope to see you out there in the twisties someday :)
  8. Had one.
    cast iron twin. but a bit like buying a Toyota. Goes for miles one one tank, I used to get 450km regularly, with very few gripes, but uninspiring after you have cut your teeth for a couple of months, and not quick in the sports category but capable of highway travel without complaint. Its also one of the smaller bikes, so your height might be a factor.
    I bought one for similar reasons though, a whole lot of good bike for a lot less than many of the fours, knowing full well I would update. I you think you want to keep it long term, perhaps have a look at some used fours. Generally speaking there are no bad 250's out there, only poorly maintained ones!
  9. Go second hand, not much point brand new. Good bike, great for learners. I got a ZZR and it's the same as a GPX internally. Not the fastest sucker around but it's a Kawa :D
  10. Tell that to Scope her's got up to 142kmh+ & gave her 6mths as a pedestrian!
  11. I'm pretty new to the riding game (on road at least) and my first and current road bike is an '88 GPX250. As far as the price went ($3100 from dealer including 12 months reg and onroad costs) and for how reliable the bike has been I haven't looked back.

    Gotta admit I can't wait to upgrade to a 600/750 next year but after a few months on any 250 (short of some powerhouse stroker like an aprilia) most people eventually want something with a bit more grunt.

    So yeah, like most peope here agree: find a second hand one in good nick for between 3-4K and you can't go too far wrong. If you do go through a dealer don't be too hung up on what gear they're throwing in but find out exactly how much cash they want for you to ride it away then try to get em to slide it down a bit. As for gear just go to your local bike precinct and go from shop to shop finding the best fit and best prices.
  12. Ok, Thank you everyone for your input.... I have brought her after negiotating the price down to $6,400 all up including a Helmet, Jacket, boots & Gloves.

    She is being delivered Monday afternoon & I tell you time just can't go quick enough. I am hanging out big time to take her for a ride.
  13. Good lukc Bucks5 and above all Enjoy!!