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Are Ducati's the HD's of Europe??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Woodsy, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Ok flame suit on AND fire extinguishers handy.
    Just to pose the question I see a lot of similarities:
    Take out the "bikies' and there owned by a similar demographic
    Both overpriced for what you get, price based on 'image'
    Owners will defend them to the death without logically looking at price V's value
    As a last resort owners will throw up the "yeah but they sound good" argument

  2. :popcorn: *hides in fallout shelter*

    Your on your own now mate. :LOL:
  3. currently on defcon 5 here !
    waiting for further comments !

    . . . . waiting
  4. Hi Woodsy - so who owns this? Someone seems to see "value" and paid a premium for a non-Jap trail bike

  5. I think its about the passion you feel for a bike. I was not a fan of my bike before I bought it. I don't think its the prettiest, but the first time I rode it I knew it was the bike for me. When I was shopping around before buying, I was going to get a fireblade. My friends were calling me CyBeR girl 'cos I loved my CBR6 and was so sure I was going to get a Blade that was all I talked about.

    ....until I rode mine.

    I know that for me, any marque would catch my attention with a good looking bike that does everything I want it to the way I want it to. At the moment, its Ducati because my bike is so much fun (for ME) and does everything the way I want it to. My next bike of choice (without having testridden) is the Ducati 1098, just on looks alone.

    Sure, some people buy for the brand rather than the bike. I don't earn much money, but often a top end marque like Ducati attracts buyers that can really afford the upkeep and 'go-fast' bits, etc.

  6. Woodsy you really have no clue do you?
    Price & value are for shoppers at kmart, bikes are an emotional purchase, there is no logic when it comes to passion, fark you must be a bean counter.
    And Woodsy if you really think that H-D is no value then compare resale with your jappa, it’s a no contest result.
  7. Yeah but who cares about re-sale value... i want to buy the bike I want to ride, not the bike i want to sell... Ref your first coment :LOL:
  8. HAHA FALCON are you not the guy who thinks a suzuki vitara is a REAL 4WD ?
    Another jappa with no clue, welcome to the party dude.
  9. Was not sure if I wanted to get involved with this.
    But why just pick on Ducati, what about MV, Aprilia, BMW for example.
    All those bikes are premium brands as evidenced by the price of them.
    I personally own a ST2 Ducati and have done now for 6.5 years and near on 90 000 km. Sure it is not the fastest bike out there and its horsepower is eclipsed by the 600 class running around these days, however the grunt it makes it very usable and it is still way quick enough. Just ask people I ride with.
    I find your similar demographic slightly insulting, as I am sure G and Lil do a bit as well. The bikes these people own are ridden and ridden hard and for lots of km's. G's previous monster has over 95 000 km on it.
    I do not know if they are overpriced for what you get, have you had a look at the equipment on some the bikes, most of them are running top quality gear and there is no skimping to provide a bike at a lower spec level just to compete on price.

    Oh by the way they sound fantastic with a decent set of pipes on them.
    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  10. Think... No
    Know... Yes.

    You ever watched Zukes take obstical course titles from bigger 4WD's in challenge days? I have

    But back to the topic. you buy a bike to ride not to sell so as you were saying in your first statment it's about passion... or was that lil??? oh well. :grin:

    [EDIT]Oh and by choice I'd be on a Trumpy or an Aprilia but don't let that get in the way of a good story :cool: [/EDIT]
  11. Because Aprilia's are soooooo mind blowingly cool that if you were to pick on them, you would self combust instantly. Especially the yellow ones, there the most dangerous. All other bikes can wallow in their own lameness.

    (Hows that for a rational argument?)

    I can also confirm Mr Scumbags speed on his underpowered ST2 :shock:

    If he had an ST4, you would cry like a little girl he would be so fast.
  12. Doh. LOL
    Financialy mine, technicaly my son's. But it was bought at the right price and sold for more than we paid for it.
  13. yeah, what about Vespas !!
  14. That's what i'm talking about O scumy one, are the $$$$ justified.
    i asked the questions the way i did to get a reaction BUT they're actualy a serious questions.
    If you pay 50% (or 40% or whatever) more than an equivalent Jap bike is the bike 50% better??? or is it 25% better and 25% for the name tag???

    O and Duhaust, sorry mate but i will never get the whole HD thing, to me a bike, house, boat etc is all about the BEST i can aford to do a certain job, money i HAVE to consider emotion dosent come in to it.
  15. Like many HD's :wink:
  16. [hi-jack]
    I wouldnt go laughing at zooks too much. Up until the current model Vitara's had a seperate body and chassis, proper transfer case with low range gearing, and large amounts of aftermarket accesories available. Vitara's are more 4wd than many people think. Sierra's are one of the best 4wd's for offroad work, and have more aftermarket gear available than most big 4wd's. My sierra regually drives lines that people in dual locked and lifted partols running 35 inch tyres struggle with.
    [end hi-jack]

  17. Used to know a guy with a kingswood, locked and lifted. Ugliest damn thing you ever saw, but jeezus could it pull a stump...
  18. Woodsy, okay I'll bite. :grin: Since we have three Dukes in the household, I guess you would be insulted if I didn't. Duhast is right, Scumbag is right, Lil is right. Buying a Ducati is about passion and emotion - it is not a financial thing. Mind you I sacrificed a lot financially just to buy my first one and cried like the girl I am when I traded it for my second Duke. However, read on....

    Ducati's handle magnificently, look beautiful and stop on a dime. Dependent on the model you get a shedload of premium parts for your money - an Ohlins front end, steering damper and rear suspension is not cheap and represents on more than a third of the cost of our 998S FE (new) for instance, if you had to go out and buy those bits and then start adding the other bits - brembo brakes, etc. Not to many Japanese bikes come out with such a front end, although I do recall see an R1 SP at $27,000 odd at the bike show two years ago with Ohlins on it and are Ohlins worth it - Oh Yes! In our household Ohlins are otherwise referred to as "holiness" The difference between a Showa front end my bike and the Ohlins on his is incredible. Even the less expensive models still get good parts and great bodywork. Gosh and they are even reliable, mine has just turned 60,000kms (bought it brand new) and not a problem with it.

    Puts flame suit on now. We had a Blade in our garage for a little while, the bodywork on it was awful in comparision to a Ducati, everytime Husband to take off the Ducktail to work on the bike he was petrified he was going to break it or that the finish would start to crack. Peeks out again now.

    So, yes bang for bucks Duke's are good value - I think. Who cares if the R6 is more powerful than my 748, I am not Troy Bayliss, I could't ride either to 100% of their capacity so I will just go on being an owner who adores her bike and gives it a kiss on its windscreen after every ride just to thank it for the great time we have just had.
  19. You tell them girl!

    They may cost more, but there built by craftsmen and built to last. I've ridden a lot of Japanese bikes and each year, they feel "abit worst" than the year before.

    They are awsome to ride and hold there value very well. I've bought two second hand and sold them a few years later for the same price!

    Not to mention that the 748 is the most beautiful bike ever made!
  20. I think there are some parallels and some differences.
    Both HD and Ducati have had the benefit of American management and marketing. For Ducati, this was TPG; a private equity group.
    HD marketing seem to be more road based whereas Ducati's appears to be race track based.
    Personally, I view my Ducati ownership as discretionary expenditure; its essentially for fun. I don't look at it from the perspective of an investment and donot expect capital appreciation over the long term.