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VIC Are drones the new speed cameras?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by V2, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. Just saw this. Great!
    It sometimes sucks to live in the modern world!

    I guess we'll need to put a number plate on top of our helmets next!

    Are drones the new speed cameras? - Motorbike Writer

  2. As mentioned I don't know about its speed detection capabilities, but its revenue raising capabilities for other safety issues :poop: makes it a certainty.

    If its not about revenue why hide the cameras?
  3. They'd be about as accurate as a cop using a radar detector through his windshield to nab you! But accuracy doesn't matter these days. Cops can nab you just with their word!
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    because just like in communist countries and dictatorships, people behave when they know they are being watched..

    but having 1/3rd of the cars on the road being cop cars, is not the solution :)

    oh.. and marty, they were probably just filming for Holdens swansong commondore vehicles. hence the closed road and drone.. but I guess it makes a good story :)

    Marty says his friend came upon a police road block where they were testing a drone shadowing an unmarked grey Holden Commodore station wagon.
    “I attempted to find someone from the Victoria Police willing to make comment or perhaps even explain the intended usage of said drone, but unsurprisingly, came upon a wall of silence,” says Marty.

    He admits that the use of drones to monitor speeding is “just speculation at this point”.

    no-one commented, because it was nothing to do with the police or speed monitoring...
    maybe Marty has had a couple too many paranoia pills?

    or perhaps it was this social/sporting event they closed the road for? or one of the other bicycle races?
    Great Ocean Road (B100), - Sporting/Social Event - road closed (715381)., VIC - ewn.com.au Alert

    or perhaps it was the Western Bulldogs doing cycling time trials?
    No Cookies | Herald Sun

    then again, never let the truth get in the way of a good conspiracy ;)
  5. I like watching when people aren't behaving :wacky:

    And just like ANPR systems are now the norm, when they can get it sorted it will be put into service.

    probably start with one unit in a "treacherous / notorious blackspot then after an amazing reduction in accidents / incidents the Victorian Government will miraculously see the safety benefits for Mr Joe public and order and truck load of them.
  6. :)

    I agree, eventually they may come into play, but not for quite some time..
    Although I think Marty's other concern about the GPS speed monitoring conspiracy will come to fruition before drones...

    then again, maybe we'll adopt the American style of drones.. and blow up suspects from afar :D

    speaking of drones, how much did Abbott plan spend on drones to "protect our borders" from poor people? $3 billion? that's a lot of speeding tickets!
  7. nah GPS will be further off because the gumbyment will have to give away to many units to the people Joe hockey lovingly refers to as poor even though they apparently don't drive much :)
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  9. Reminds me of that old Convoy Song. "They even had a bear in the air"
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  11. lets see if he gets a normal penalty or the old the embarrassment & penalties he has received from employer are penalty enough
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  12. All well and good as long as they dont fall outta the sky just ask the italian downhill skier.
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  13. Thanks mate have no idea how to put up a link.
    Just imagine if that thing had hit him!
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  14. Would be a hell of a lot cheaper and safer to use drones in pursuits rather than squad cars and helicopters. Can see the benefit in this.
  15. I'd imagine they'd be quite useful in cases where the no pursuit policy was employed. If they were high and fast enough with a good enough camera.....

    I'm a bit worried about general surveillance being performed by drones though. Where does it stop? I don't want to come across as the tin foil hat guy, but there are many a good book written about the over surveillance of humans through such devices.

    That video footage of the guys speeding in QLD freaked me out a little. I get the odd cramp in my right wrist as much as the next guy, but in areas where I don't pose a risk. Won't make much difference if there is a birdie in the sky.
  16. A few options for us the victims:

    Maldrone - Malware specifically designed to infect drones and drop them from the air.
    Battelle's DroneDefender - A directional radio gun intended to scramble Drone control systems.

    or if you want to deploy the big guns

    Blighter Anti UAV defence systems
    - 8 km range

    Or of course the old favorite shot gun.
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  17. For the geekier approach from this years Def Con 23 conference:

    Knocking my neighbors kids cruddy drone offline

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  18. Back in the day remote controlled toy cars operated on a 27MHz CB radio Channel.

    I had a lot of fun with my CB overloading the neighbours kids RC Car so it just stopped in the middle of the road.
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