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Are dremel tools useful for sanding off paint and polishing/Shining metal?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Meyerhoff, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. I need to make my bike shiny. Some of the shiny parts have been scratched and some little bits need to be reapainted. Is a dremel tool easier than sandpaper?

  2. A Dremel seems to be too small for what you want to do.
    Dremels are good for polishing keys, rings, coins etc.
  3. I attached some polishing pads u use with a power drill I got from supercheap. Was great for polishing my wheels with as obviously my big buffer can't fit inside a wheel
  4. Had exactly this conversation with a mate on Saturday, Dremels are 2 small, the chuck doesn't take thick enough attachments and not the best angle of attack for polishing. If someone made a small parm held electric polisher with 50mm and smaller mops that didn't splatter polish all over the place they would sell heaps.Find one and tell us all.My palm sized wedge shaped Makita sander doesn't work to well. I keep hearing that there are air tools like this but I haven't seen one yet. Dremels are good tools, especially the 30mm cutoff wheels, expensive cutters, $25 for a packet of 20 that disappears in seconds but there are cases where nothing else will do it. Just to small for your application.
  5. Polishing, if you wanna cheat and not take it off the bike.

    Bunnings has a cheapish kit $30~ bucks. Did wonders on my cb350 forks! Hooks right into any drill!
  6. Haven't used it myself, but know a bloke restoring an ALFA 75 and uses the Bunnnings kit quiet a lot and seems to do a great job.. When I say restoring I mean waaay over the top.