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Are Draggins enough?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by fangsta, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. I'm currently looking for some new casual pants for my weekend rides. I've currently got a pair of Icon Hooligan jeans (no arse protection).

    I was thinking about getting some Draggins or Joe Rocket Steel Jeans, but after seeing someones post after a 60km/h crash, I've been thinking I might need something more.

    I'm not looking for track day leathers, and I've already invested in a great all weather textile jacket. Are there any pants that

    a) Have good knee protection?
    b) Wont make me look like the biker out of the village people?
    c) Are casual enough for the shops?

    **Please note, I don't have a mustache.
  2. buy leg armour.
  3. i was with him when he came off. im not sure how much the pics showed (didnt look) but they were rooted. the knee armour saved his knees.

    ive used a set of textile pants (bought when i bought bike), and have a pair of draggins, which i am now unsure if ill wear. i bought some leathers at the bike mart sale, but havent ridden in them yet :)

    so i havent tried it, but the jeans with knee protectors would be my guess :)
  4. I just wear trackies. fcuk safety.
  5. There are huge differences between the various brands - Draggin's are certified to the European CE standard - none of the other brands are.
  6. most manufacturers have armoured textile pants that aren't too bad.
    I've got tiger angel but there are cheaper ones. starider, motodry, rjays etc. look on bikebiz or somewhere like that
  7. when you say for weekend use, you quote going to shops??? If it's just a ride down the shops then yes i reckon bike jeans are fine without armour etc, if you are looking to do a day ride, riding twisties roads etc, well yep the jeans are still better then nothing, but i would rather crash full leathers or the other option is just don't crash and ride in thongs, shorts and t-shirts. :wink:

    Hope that helps.

    Cheers stewy :)
  8. +1. Do that at the very least. If you came off at a slow speed and slid for a short distance, you'd get friction burn. With knee armour, you won't get friction burn on your knees (if you slide on them).

    Although Draggins are CE certified, I wouldn't bet the farm on them just because of that. Even if they're twice as good as Hornees for abrasion resistance (quite likely), my Hornees were f***ed... just like Enigma said. I'm glad I slid on my knee and not on my arse or else I'd probably be in hospital right now. It'll be full leathers for me from now on - no compromise. Otherwise I'll go by car.

    I estimated that it took 4-5 seconds to come to a stop after falling off. That's at or just over the average abrasion resistance limit of Draggins (based on what TonyE posted). I did a quick calc and worked out that I slid for about 40 m. It doesn't sound like its all that far but, believe me, you end up waiting for when you're going to stop sliding.

    Its up to you in the end but I'm yet to read in this thread that just Draggins are sweet and not to bother with anything more.
  9. When i did Qride 4 months ago. I was shown a powerpoint and there was a particular slide which IIRC said:

    How long materials last in a slide at 40 (or 60 im not sure)km/h:

    Normal clothes 0.7 seconds
    Jeans 1.4 seconds
    Kevlar 3.0 seconds
    Leather 7.0 seconds

    This is subject to how good my memory is. And i'm not sure where HART got their info from. The most important thing is that regardless of whether your sliding at 40km/h or 60km/h, leather will hold up longer than you can slide for. Unless if your sliding down a very long cliff. And that kevlar is better than nothing.
  10. I had a low speed prang in draggins. I now wear leather. The draggins did their job, but I reccon by the time I hit the pavement I was only doing about 30 km/hr. They are now almost rooted.

    also they burnt my skin. Better than gravel rash, but something to note.

    I would not want to have a 70 km/hr crash in them.
  11. I wear draggins when commuting to work - mostly motorway - I know that I really should have my leather pants on.
  12. Can anyone suggest some knee/shin guards?

    Are the Draggin knee protectors comfortable?
  13. mine are but a lot of people don't like them. can take a bit of stuffing around to position them properly. also have some dainese strap on ones that are quite good for more spirited riding but a bit less convenient.
  14. :? best knee/shin armour I can recommend mate.........

    sorry but........I've got Draggins and the only time I'll wear them now is for the short trip down to the shops,.......and you know wot they say :roll: (close to home and all that..)
    Excellent knee armour and shin, double leather in the impact areas, excellent style and cut in my opinion, craps all over comparable priced leathers from the competitors.......check them out, thoroughly recommend. :wink:


  15. Axo TMKP armour. They did the job for me and cost me $70. I think they're better than the armour that attaches to the jeans because the jeans could rotate a little thereby potentially exposing an area that needs protection whereas the armour you attach to yourself pretty well stays in place.

    Rogues' suggestion is the best one though.
  16. i have draggin traffic jeans

    and i just bought Icon Field Leg Armour ($109) to go under them, fits perfectly, they are designed to go under jeans unlike some other brands

    i feel alot more confident with the knee armour

    next step is leather pants, but this suffices for the daily commute and the weekend rides.
  17. Are u serious? How is kevlar gonna protect u from an impact that could break bones? May i suggest some armor underneath them or something else? In other words, i do not believe Draggin Jeans are enough :shock:
  18. how about the third option somewhere inbetween kevlar (as used in draggins anyway, if the abrasion doesn't get you the impact or heat will) and leather, Cordura.

    A bit easier to wear than leathers (less hot/sweaty in summer, freezing in winter...in the extremes) although not seen as "cool" :) , better in the wet than either, armor in most and cheaper than leather.

    motorcycle couriers can't all be wrong :LOL:

    Leather is king if you are serious though (weekend scratching).