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Are clip links ok on high powered bikes??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Glennb, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Hi all Im, looking at adding a link to my chain as Ive just put a 43 tooth sprocket on the rear and Im about 3mm too short to get the wheel back on.
    Just wondering which way to go with the extra link, rivet or clip link. I would prefer a clip link as it would be easier to do but I have been told not to use one on a high power bike like my zx6.Does this sound right?
    would it be ok to use a clip link? or should I go a rivet.

  2. If you listen to the chain companies, clip links are fine. If you want to be certain though, go a rivet link. I've always gone the rivet link just so it's not in the back of my mind.
  3. From what I've heard the only time a clip-link fails is when it's fitted incorrectly. For a ZX6, I'd say it'd be fine - even if you're obscenely rough on the throttle. But if you're really concerned, get a rivet, as Loz suggested.
  4. in my own experience, they are fine. i have 2 clip links on my chain. they are so much more convenient. i put the circlip on the inside to avoid catching on anything that might pop it off. also make sure the open side of the circlip faces away from the chains direction of travel.
  5. Dumb question alert! I have just bought a new chain that comes with a rivet fitting, if it is hard to fit can you just buy the circlip as talked about here? :oops: :oops:
  6. I'm no expert, but my manual says NEVER to use clip links on the chain. Does anyone know if there is a warranty issue with your bike if there is a problem and you have used a clip link when the manual explicitly says not to use one?
  7. Last chain I bought for the 250 was a clip type - and even though the size I needed would have fit a lot of larger bikes the packaging clearly stated that clip-type chains should never be used on anything over 500cc (RK brand chain). If you are going to fit a clip-type I'd be making sure it is approved for your bike otherwise you might possibly be voiding your warranty and/or insurance.
  8. I had a new chain put on my VTR250 by an allegedly reputable Honda dealer. It had a clip link, but I was assured it would be OK. 300km's later I lost that chain while changing from 4th to 5th. :shock: :evil:

    It went back to the allegedly reputable Honda dealer, who got told in no uncertain terms what I thought of them and their service. All damage was repaired, and a new chain and sprockets were supplied. Still not happy, and have never been back.

    Personally, I'll never use a clip link unless I'm desperate. If I have to use a clip link, closed end towards the front, on the inside of the chain, and covered with silicon to hold it on to the link plate.
  9. Yes, they're fine if installed the right way.

    If you really want to buy a genuine linkless chain and rip your rear swingarm out to change it, go right ahead.
  10. i would think it was ok, but i was behind a bike that spat its chain at me... kind of makes me doubt, but if they wre dangerous then they wouldent make them to suit big bikes, would they?
  11. my chain is a 530, on a fuel injected 900. so a weak little 250 spitting chains is due to shoddy maintenance or bad installation. if you're that worried, you can safety wire the cir clip. or buy a chain breaker/riveter tool and be done.
  12. if that was directed my way, it wasnt on a 250, but a ZX9... and it was brobably due to poor maintanance too, anyway :wink:
  13. I've always used clip links on all my bikes (even the current racebike).

    Most people have problems due to installing them incorrectly I would imagine.

    If you ever have any douts about their integrity, just wrap some lockwire around the link as suggested above.
  14. Most of the time you can get chain joiners that you have to push/hammer
    the joining clip so it flattens out over the chain link
    These never give way

    I used clip joiners all the time in 80s & 90s in a lot of high speed road
    escapades and never had a problem
    But you must have the clip facing the right way!!!!!!
    If I remember right the closed end has to be facing the direction of
    the chain travel
  15. Cheers guys, I get the feeling clip links are ok if installed properly but I think I will go rivet for peace of mind.
    Where can I get a cheap rivet press? Peter S has the breaker/press but its $80.I have heard of a cheep $15 one that you can get but not sure where I can get it.