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Are cbr250rr's able to do wheelies?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TimTam, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Noob question as above, i was for some strange reason thinking about this last night , so anyone has one would be able to answer this.


  2. Yes. With great difficulty and lots of clutch abuse you can.

    I could do wheelies really easily on my Z250C (strong clutch and lots of bottom end for a 250), but couldnt on the GSX250.

    RD250LC, XT250, DT175, Postie bike, 50cc scooter, motobecane all were easy by comparison.

    I can't really do them on my GS500 either. I have acheived it once or twice in conjunction with perfect road conditions (eg over a level crossing when it drops away afterwards), but I certainly can't just drop the clutch at 7000rpm and expect it to rise because the clutch will just slip instead.

    The clutch strength and riding position is probably more important than anything else.
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  4. Is that true? :cry: This is purely coincidental, but I just thought about learning how to do wheelies a couple of days ago. I thought I'm comfortable enough now to have enough confidence to try this.

    You just burst my bubble!! :cry:
  5. Jeez that dude did really well with that mono on a 250. His wheel would have been nice and sticky after that burnout though
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  7. i can get the wheel up on my VTR250 and my mates cb250rs (1982) can't hold it though and it's not very high... but your right about the GSX would have taken a mirical :)
  8. can get my zzr250 up pretty high. havent practiced enough to hold it though
  9. With a big enough rear sprocket anything is possible.
    You'll notice in those vids the guy really struggles to keep it up though.
    More importantly with the new anti-hoon/confiscation laws, a dirt bike is a much safer option for stunting.
  10. baby blades do really good donuts too :cool:
  11. Q: Are cbr250rr's able to do wheelies?

    A (1): Probably. :roll:

    A(2): Who cares? :p
  12. I'm yet to have any real success on my VTR250. I can occassionally get it up (a little) but can't hold it. It comes down to 2 vital points:
    1. It isn't that easy
    2. I suck at wheelies
  13. I get lots of spam offering to cure that problem - I can forward it to you if you like. :LOL: :LOL: :p
  14. they need to get adz on a bike ed, he's a freak that kid he'd mono anything.
  15. I've done a couple of nice high wheelies on a CBR250RR with standard gearing. Accelerate to 15-20kph, grab the clutch, full throttle and dump while you pull back hard on the bars. I imagine it's easier if you're decent at standups, I can't do those for shit.

    The CBR is however a crap bike to LEARN to do wheelies on.
  16. :LOL:
    must remember to re-read posts before clicking submit!
  17. I can get my VTR250 up pretty high, not for that long though.
  18. do them when you're on reserve :)
  19. 4th gear cluth mono over a crest on the VTR 250
    :demon: :cheeky: \:D/

    mind you thats with seven extra teeth on the rear sprocket. once i hit the crest too fast and got airborne instead. now that was fun.
  20. when you get better, jump on the passenger pegs and bounce the bike up to a mono... you could even hook up a hand brake under the clutch
    (rear brake) to make it safer, but i wouldnt bother... i used to wheelie the stock spada, but it will destroy youre clutch pretty quick...