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Are Brighter Bikes, better than Dark ones?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by tmg, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. Just a question, but are the bikes with really bright paint jobs, better than a dark bike in terms of being visible to cagers and other riders?

    I wanna get a bright blue bike or a yellow one, coz I get the feeling I will be seen more on a bright one than a dark one.

  2. Had this very discussion the other week.
    I'm not a big fan of yellow, I was yakking to a mate about what I hope to upgrade to, end of the convo went something like......
    at the end of the day...I don't care what I get as long as its NOT yellow.....
    pmsl..next thing my friends avitar changes...bingo...there is a pic of his bright yellow bike...
    now where is that rock I want to crawl under.

    A couple of days later, met up with same rider on his yellow bike for a blast up the road.
    In a group of 5 bikes, all black bar his....looking back in my mirror, yep, yellow definately stands out.
    As a choice for the safety conscious, I'd have to say yep, go with the yellow, but from an aesthetic/fashion angle...nope not for me.
    Yellow will never be the new black.
  3. grrrr, bloody double post :?
  4. Brighter better than darker?

    For visibility: yes.

    For coolness: no.

    The lights on your bike should be on while riding anyway - so generally not too much of a problem.

    The real risk is if your bike is parked on the street at night... someone may not see it, particularly when not parked parallel to the gutter.
    My bike's black - if I have to park it on the street at night, I park it under a street-light. Been fine so far.

    Above all - get the bike you want!

    A black bike will match any jacket you get, and likewise, a black jacket will match any colour bike.
  5. i also thought of this .. i wanted a black or blue bike .. but been a new rider and really not caring about the color of the bike .. i thought of safety for me as a Learner so i bought a yellow bike .. and when i do up grade which will be still a year or 2 and had gathered more skill on defensive riding i will get a bike color of my choice .. but now the color yellow has grown on me .. i have matching boots and jacket (wankers syndrome) and considering keeping my wankers attire .. :grin:
  6. Mine's yellow, but not very big.

    I believe that yes, brighter is more visible, but having said that, get what you like. I like yellow (please don't disown me, caz....), but I also love black.
  7. I don't know about that - some Yamahas look pretty good in yellow...

    As for visibility - sure, bright colour has got to be more visible, but I don't think it makes that much difference. From most important angles (head on and behind) other road users don't see much of the paintwork anyway. They see more of your jacket and helmet though - if you want to stand out, I'd say it would be more useful to have bright colours on these rather than the bike itself.
  8. Dunno about colours on the bike, beyond what's already been said, but I DO know that brighter RIDERS would improve safety :LOL:
  9. Mine is big and red! It is definitely visible, it's that cool Kawasaki luminous red.
    However, I don't think colour matters on a naked bike, but it must help on a faired bike. Not so much from front on, where a motorcycle is almost invisible, but definitely from teh sides. That's why the ADR's require reflectors on teh sides.
    The other factor is second hand bikes, I wouldn't let colour stop me if the bike had everything else I wanted.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. boom tish :roll:

    Yep a bright bike is brighter.
  11. Im up sh!t creek - black bike and black leathers only thing not black is my helmet which is black and white and some red on the lower farings.
  12. It has been scientifically proven that yellow is the safest/most visible colour on the road. I am not trying to say it is the most fashionable or the best. I am just saying as for safety and being seen.

    I got yellow as i had limited colour options. Everyman and his dog has red, sorry Bren. :wink:

    Tell me this yellow aint sexy though. :cool:

  13. I tells ya, clashing colours are more attention-getting.
  14. yeah I think I would suffer a bit of "wankers syndrome" too :LOL: as matching leathers and bike colours look good. but yeah, I reckon bright leathers over the bike colour, but its either gonna be a bright metallic blue or canary yellow bike for me. :grin:
  15. [img:800:600:5416016b03]http://photos.motorcycle-usa.com/webDSC_9507(1).jpg[/img:5416016b03]


    i'd have to disagree. :wink:
  16. Some one with some taste. I am pretty sure the Italians are on to something here. ;)
  17. Challenge accepted

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  19. YEP!

    GO FOR YELLOW!! :dance:

    No bias here! :LOL:
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