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Are boots supposed to be loose in the heel?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Clag, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. I just recently bought a pair harness boots and they fit nice, not too snug in the toes or the top of the foot, my feet do not slide around inside, considering I wear a 7 1/2 and the boots I have are 8. However, when I walk, my heel is loose and it almost feels like I am wearing flip flops (only way I can describe it). Are boots usually that loose in the heel? I'm considering on getting thick socks to see if it will stop that, but worried that will make them too tight for the rest of my foot.

  2. Good thanks how are you?
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    Also what are "flip flops"
    We call them thongs here in Australia.
  3. they are really cheap sandals. sorry, from the US.
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    Your boot, is it adjustable at all? tightening the strap accross the back of the foot may help keep your heel down. A shoe repairer may be able to help you with this if it is stitched or riveted in.

    You don't want your foot to slop around too much inside, this is one of the things that breaks bones in an off.

    Welcome to netrider, and hope this helps.
  5. very soon actually
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  10. nope, not adjustable. straps are stitched in. I'd hate to have to take them in to get them restitched, I just received them today. I would get a smaller size, but I have not found a place that sells them in 7 1/2, the smallest size I find are 8's, unless I buy a crappy pair from Kmart for 30 bucks.
  11. You got pics of the boots?
  12. being leather they will open up a bit and mould to your foot.
    The front that is so thicker socks may be a solution or in the old days a small wad of cotton balls stuffed in the toe to push your foot back. may also be a solution, adjust for comfort obviously.
  13. try a pair of thicker inner soles ...
    i have wool ones in my boots for the same reason and they work well ...
    easy to get from supermarkets and cheap too :)
  14. Yea thick insoles
  15. Went out and grabbed some wool insoles, tight in the front now, heel is still loose. Might have to return these and get a boot with an adjustable strap for the heel. too bad, I like these boots. Might be a while for me though. Having problems finding boots my size. If anyone has a place I can actually get size 7 1/2, that would be appreciated.
  16. Try the cotton wool stuffed in the toes and see if that helps
  17. never mind, those boots were gay anyway