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Are boots ment to have alot of movement around the shin?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Romie, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Hello, I bought some boots last night and im alittle worried about them now. There is alot of movement around the top of the boot around the shin area although it fits perfectly nice and tight around the foot/ankle area, its just lose around the shin area which worries me. Maybe this is normal and its designed to allow movment im not sure and im hoping you guys can help me out. The guy at the bike shop said its fine and normal although im abit worried about it now. Kinda regretting buying them now as I had a bad feeling this could be wrong.

    I tried afew different ones on and they all had the same problem, guy reassured me it was fine, but i dunno, sales people can be full at shit at times, and seeing bike shops dont do exchange/refunds this could be an expensive lesson or maybe im just over reacting. The only boots that were better around the shin area where the full on race boots with buckles and what not. Anyways they say a picture says a thousand words, so hopefully they will help you to understand what I mean.

    These are the boots I bought.


    Picture 1: This is my leg in the boot roughly in centre, as you can see alot of free room around the shin area.

    Picture 2: With my leg pressed back against the boot, thats alot of free room : /

    Picture 3: With my leg pressed against the front of the boot, abit worried now lol : /

    So did I get ****ed or am I just a little worry wart. Id also like to add I got very small ankles and shins, also have very small wrists, had a similar problem when I went snow boarding last year wear the boots were too lose which made it extremly difficult to snowboard as it used alot more evergy to make the board move., hopefully these are ment to be like this.

    Thanks, Romie
  2. How do they fit around your feet?
    Normally you would wear pants with them either over or inside so I doubt they are an issue. they are a bit loose up top to allow your leathers/jeans to be tucked in. Mine are the same.
  3. ^Ah thank you, now I can sleep easy! Around the foot and ankle it fits perfect, nice and tight without any crushing or discormfort also no movement around the foot/ankle area.
  4. Normal, also allows room for shin armour that might come down a few mm too far.

    I found it bloody annoying at first too, so you're not alone on that count. ;)

    Just saw the link, thank god you didn't get them in white!!
  5. That's one hairy leg!

    My boots are the same though...
  6. Don't stress mate... I got the same boots, have relatively skinny legs too and initially had the same problems. Few points to note:

    1. You can always tuck your pants in and zip em up as usual then there will be no slack. They are somewhat designed for at least leathers to be tucked in. Remember they are a race boot - a basic one but still a race boot.

    2. Pull up the zip up on the side. Then pull across the top velcro part (near the shin) as tight as you are comfortable with. Then pull across the longer lower velcro part (that is parallel to the zip). It should go on tight(er).

    3. Basically you have to just really pull the velcro tight to get them to hug your legs. You'll get used to the technique after you've done it a few times and they've loosened up a little.

    4. They will loosen up and strech better after they've been broken in so just wear em around for a few days and then along with all of the other tips you shouldn't have any problems.
  7. Pretty much all 'sports' riding boots are designed that way - they have to be so you can stand in them (with your ankle at close to right-angle, your calf will be against the back of the boot) and also in the crouch on the bike (with your shin angled down towards your foot, ie shin pressing against the front of the boot.) If they didn't allow that movement they would feel really restricting in one or other of those positions.

    Hope that makes sense. Bottom line is it's normal, and you'll get used to it.
  8. Ok..there needs to be a generous amount of room there for wearing full leathers or fitting shin armour if you were wearing cargos or something...usually you can loosen or tighten that area with velcro or plastic dials etc somewhat though to suit.

    stand up with your feet (wearing boots) shoulder width apart.
    elbows at your sides; extend your forearms in front of you as if gripping the bars.
    clench a basketball between your thighs.
    now squat down (you can make vrooom vroooom noises if you want to)
    come on, louder...vrooOOOM VAVAVROOOOMROOOM.
    OK now you're getting it!...now quick, you need to change up a gear, lift your left toes of the ground.

    ...can you see now why you need the room in that part of the boot.

    one pic below shows how shin/knee armour fits into the top of the boot, with the boot tightenned around it to help hold it in place...the other pic shows a boot that can also have even have the back plate loosenned off and re-tighnenned to suit what you're wearing...i also have a pic somewhere of a rabbit with a pancake on it's head, but can't seem to find it sorry...it's probably not very relevant anyway.

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  9. What brand is that shin/knee armour?

    I'm thinking about chucking them under some dragons. Not a huge fan of no impact protection....
  10. I want to see the pic of the rabbit with the pancake on his head.

  11. This one?

  12. :LOL: lol its pretty bad isnt it.

    thanks I did that and its now alot better :), I tried this before the post and it didnt really workout because it was really stiff. So I did it again today before I gave it a quick fang around my area and it seems to have soften up abit now.

    Thanks everyone for the help :)
  13. theres that bunny!!

    QuarterWit the brand is UFO,
    they are ok, though a little bulkier than some...but not at all uncomfortable and they fit under straight leg kevlar lined pants...they are a hinged knee type which i prefer, but not as quick an easy to fit and remove as the flex knee type...from memory they were fairly inexpensive, but i've had these for a while and have since seen better stuff available on the market...other benefits include keeping the windchill of your legs on a naked bike...and a distinct click when you walk, not unlike a cowboy wearing spurs and quite a turn on actually.
    but certainly theres more slimline, breathable stuff around....
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