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Are bike batteries more prone to failure?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by MeltingDOg, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    In the short 1.5 years Ive been riding I've owned 3 different bikes. Each one at some point in the relatively short time I've owned them has suffered from a collapsed battery (well at least the 2 have, and the third Im pretty sure is [see my 'Bike not starting' thread in this forum]).

    Are bike batteries more prone to this? Or am I just buying cruddy batteries? Or just lucky?

  2. If you don't ride often that's probably your problem, grab a battery tender and leave it connected when the bike is not being used. Bike batteries are very small, so they do lose voltage over time quicker than car batteries, the battery tender will keep it topped up.
  3. Bike batteries last less time than car batteries. Two years is usual.

    I have found that new (used ) bikes tend to need new batteries, I think maybe because the old owner sold i because it let them down, I guess I should throw a multimeter across it but i get distracted by other things.
  4. Just about to replace my battery after 6 yrs.Bike does get used regularly which helps I think
  5. also cheaper batteries really do last less than quality batteries. my 250 had a new battery the week before i bought it (with receipt) but it only lasted 6 months. the yuasa curently in it has been there for near on 18 months without issue
  6. Battery tender or a nice CTEK, stick it on charge whenever its in the garage - takes 2 seconds to attach the quick connector and will maintain the battery nicely.

    Sadly through both my fault and mechanics fault my current battery has had a few too many discharges, and just doesnt hold a charge when left sitting. A couple runs on the recondition cycle on my ctek charger has got it up enough to tide me over a few months, though i need to get another battery soon! Going with a lithium-iron for a try.
  7. I have no real knowledge but have 2 cents
    1 those el cheapo batts that u DIY add acid to , i dont
    Trust them . Fully sealled gotta be be better and i did by
    A Gel type of ebay .
    2 bikes start with headlight on , that is a wack of extra loaf
  8. Battery in the Ural just died after 4 years of not terribly regular use.

    Battery in the DR is still going strong after nearly as long.

    Neither battery has ever received any maintenance including level checks because they're a pain to reach.

    Battery in my R1100 was the original gel cell and was just getting to the point of needing replacement at 8 years old when the bike was written off. That 8 years included at least two occasions of being recharged from deat flat with my crude old buzz-box charger which probably shouldn't be used on something as high tech as a gel cell :shock:.