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Are All Post 94 250's restricted?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Tomcatalex, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Are All Post 94 250's restricted?
    or just the ones over 40hp

    was the export model across made after 1994 restricted or just the japanese model?

    does it show restricted in the vin?

  2. In Japan it was only those over 40hp - the limit that was imposed for 250cc bikes. Obviously bikes already under that were left alone.
    I doubt the Japanese would have made different bikes just for the Australian market, but always possible the local importers de-restricted them.
  3. JD

    some web sites say post 92, is this right or was it post 94?

    does it show up on the vin if its restricted?
  4. Pretty sure it was 1994. Unlikely there'd be anything on the VIN/compliance since they weren't restricted as such - the Japanese Government simply banned the sale of any 250cc producing more than 40ps. Existing bikes were modified to come under the limit, but in some cases it was a lot more than a simple restriction.
    Suzuki for example developed a completely new engine for the Bandit series however the Across may have gone unchanged since I think they simply stopped selling it in Japan, and offloaded the left-over stock to countries like Australia.
  5. The Aussie Across wasn't restricted to 40 Hp a few resources say.
  6. Yeah the official sales pamphlets for the Australian Across quote 45ps, but Japanese sites usually don't mention post-94 models - which is why I suspect they simply offloaded the leftover stock on Australia (much like Honda did with all the surplus CBR250RRs).
    Also had something to do I think with the fact the '94 power limit coincided with licence changes making 400cc bikes more accessible - so demand for expensive "sports" 250s dropped pretty quickly.
  7. does japan have a 400cc limit for learner riders, i would like that here, or do you think lams is beter?
  8. No, they have a graded licence system - and 400cc is actually about as far as most riders ever go. Anything larger requires very strict inspection every 2 years, costs a lot more to rego, and to get a licence it's mandatory to be able to pick the bike up.
    Sub-50cc I believe is still the most common licence, not sure if people have to start on that or can simply have whatever licence they can pass the test for.
    A graded licence system certainly has merits, but wouldn't really work here given there's not much avaiable between 250cc/LAMs and a 600 - and there's 1000cc+ bikes that'd probably be an easier step up than a 600cc supersports.
  9. According to the research I did on my 92 Bandit, it was 1992 that the 40 ps limit came in and coincided with the always on headlight.
  10. With the Bandit it's even easier. Anything with a GJ77a engine is 40hp, as is any GJ74a engined bike with a chassis number above GJ74A-122208.
  11. YAY!!! I have the all out ballsy 45hp model!!! Still has trouble pulling the skin off a day old custard tho. lol
  12. The CBR250RR's 1994 onwards were restricted to 40HP.