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Are all Peter Steven's stores the same?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Sex Muffin, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Over the last couple of years I've had some pretty bad experiences with the Peter Stevens city store. It's gotten to the point where I refuse to step foot inside any more.

    Recently I've been looking at upgrading, and on my travel's i ended up in Peter Stevens Ringwood. I found that the staff were way more professional, to the point that I am considering buying my next bike from them.

    So my question is given my already bad experience with the city store, should i trust a different Peter Stevens store?
    Or should i expect the same shit treatment after i part with my money?
  2. when you get shit service have you ever asked for the manager? I know you shouldnt have to, but fark it, if you're there to buy something and the sales person isnt doing their job, management should 1, 'fix the problem' and 2, offer some incentive for you to give them the business.
    People here have bought from both places from what I have read, thing is, ultimatley, what is going to make you happy?
    It IS your money after all, and any shop that is smart will bend over backwards to make a sale, well thats what I'd think anyway.
  3. every store is different because it's the staff that make the experience, NOT the name above the door.

    We have two PS stores in rAdelaide... one in the city and one in the south. I've been to the south store once (for a magneto cover gasket - they were the only store in Adelaide that had one in stock) and they were very helpful.

    the city store I've only ever bought accessories and parts from and the guys there have been great every time I've gone in. friendly, knowledgeable and great service.
  4. I can vouch for PS Ringwood. Excellent experience. They handled everything like a boss once my bike arrived on their doorstep.

    I actually brought the bike from Mark Cheers @ PS Adelaide and he was awesome also.

    Have never dealt with the City store.
  5. PS Ferntree Gully has been pretty good to me. Bought my bike pretty painlessly, staff were good, decent range of gear/parts, plus they have a clearance store there.
  6. Fair call. When i asked for the manager, I was told he wasn't in, and than after a couple of calls were not returned to me from him.
    In the end I filed a complaint with Honda Australia, who recommended I go to another Honda Dealer to solve my problem.
  7. +1 for PS Ringwood - never had a drama there
  8. Never had a drama at any Peter stevens store. either in ringwood or the city.
    Most of my purchases have been in the city store and the staff were always courteous and helpful in accessories especially.
  9. Metro/Jeffery Honda are good to deal with if you want an alternative for Honda in the East. I bought my new Suzuki there after Peter Stevens FTG and Ringwood were just too difficult to deal with.
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  10. foster st are pretty good, (was geoff taylors)
    buying my bike through them.

    the main dandy store isnt bad either....
    i heard their parts staff are good
  11. I've bought everything from $25 spools to a brand new bike. Dealt with three stores and never had an issue. Also used the service centre in Ringwood and no issue.
  12. Having been in a few of the stores I really think it comes down to the person your are dealing with at the time not who they work for..

    Been into he city store twice in the last month when I had some free time at lunch to ask about the new MV Agusta B3, first time I may as well not bothered, second time he guy was fantastic..... Answered all of my questions as best he could give the bike is not here as yet.

    Cheers Jeremy
  13. if i ring youre manager will he bend you over backwards for me?
  14. On THOSE grounds I'd say fark em!!
    I had a problem with a sales 'kid' tellin me I should return the goods to their supplier, I contacted the manager who said 'fark that, bring them in and we'll tend to it' I did, he did, problem resolved. But I got a response from the manager, in your case thats just total crap!!
  15. Mu manager would if you're the client/member/customer... and thats no shit, I'd have my arse dragged, I'd be, how do they say it, 'interviewed'.

    As I said to op, I put my compliant to the manager who intervened, in ops case not even a call from the manager is piss poor!!
  16. Honda Australia keep files of all complaints so we will follow this up with them.

    What is the nature of your complaint? Would you have the dates and if possible times? I know it's not your job or you shouldn't have to but it would be appreciated if you could supply details.

    If the branch manager is absent there is always a 2IC or next-in-charge that are empowered to resolve customer requests.

    When you read through these threads you'll see that that we do respond and seek to resolve any issues customers have.

    Clearly we have failed you in initial service standard and in what is a company policy that if someone calls PSM we call them back, period.

    Apologies for any inconvenience PSM has caused you.

    If you could PM your contact details we will have the PSM Melbourne manager, Steve Glab, contact you.

    Thanks for your feedback

  17. Have had really positive experiences buying gear there, as well as a rear tyre when I was in a HUGE jam, though have never bought a bike there before (or tried to).
  18. Out of three dealerships, only the guy at PS Ringwood actually asked me if I wanted to buy (the Z) now. I was on the phone to him at the time, and we did the deal there and then, and I gave him my credit card details for the deposit. Other experiences were:

    PS Dandenong: Great people in accessories (altho I had to correct one young 'un who was touching my pinlock on the front whilst installing it), parts seem OK altho I've had limited exposure there. Could have thrown a grenade into the new bikes section and not hit anyone. No one came to ask if I would like some help (I was looking at the street/speed triple at the time), and seemed like I was pretty much ignored when I was obviously looking for someone.

    Brighton Kwaka (now gone-wonder why *insert sarcasm*): Had the guy in front of me talking about the Z. I was right there, sitting on the other side of his desk. He could have taken the sale if he'd asked for it. He was helpful, but no salesman. I realise not everyone likes to be pushed, but there's no harm in asking for the sale.

    I tend to agree that it is the people, not necessarily the outlet itself.
  19. Agree! This has been my experience in both PS Melbourne & Ringwood (haven't been to the 'Nong). It's almost like they don't know what to do with you.

    In the city store I'm ignored and have to chase staff. In Ringwood I asked to test ride a Street Triple, the guy reluctantly agreed telling me a woman dropped it the day prior (it was fairly obvious he was trying to discourage me), in the entire time he spoke to me made no eye contact whatsoever. I told him not to worry about it, jumped on my old bike and rode up to the Triumph dealer in Shepparton. Test rode & bought my Striple from there - an awesome family business who treated me like just another valued customer.

    I avoid PS like the plague now. Service is probably great if you have a pen1s.
  20. Sure thing, honda gave me case # 00054186.
    I came in on Monday, about 2 weeks ago with my 2011 cbr250r.
    I had complaints about my bikes neutral light not coming on when cold.
    Also my exhaust is rusted ( i didn't expect this to be covered under waranty ) but was assured by your staff that they would lodge a claim.

    I called up on Wednesday and was told that, you guys were just about to call me and my bike was fixed, and ready to be picked up.
    3 hours afterwards i was than notified that my bike was not in fact fixed at all, and you would like to keep it for another night.
    After three days i was told that the fault could not be replicated. When i brought it home, it happened 3 times in the next two days of which I have video proof. Your staff told me that the video proof was useless to them, and that they weren't interested in fixing my bike under warranty.
    Your service staff also told me that a warranty claim was lodged with honda, which was denied by honda.
    When i called up honda, they stated that no such claim had ever been filed.

    You kept my bike for three days, did absolutely nothing except lie to me.
    I mean honestly the way you've handled a probable $5 problem, I'd hate to see what would of happened if i had something a bit more serious.