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Are all girls the same?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. What is it with the female gender? Maybe some of the women here can help me understand why ....

    1. they never put the toilet seat back up?
    2. 'fine' is a word men should never use?
    3. they always checkout my groin first and then look up to see my intellect?
    4. what the correct answer to "does my ass look big in this?" is?

  2. 1. they never put the toilet seat back up?
    Cause if it was meant to stay up, it'd be designed to look better that way.
    2. 'fine' is a word men should never use?
    Cause its ours, and don't you forget it. Got it? Good, FINE!
    3. they always checkout my groin first and then look up to see my intellect?
    You really need an explanation for that one?
    4. what the correct answer to "does my ass look big in this?" is?
    Honesty is your best policy on that one. If they really didn't wanna know, they shouldn't have asked :p
  3. :LOL:

    damn straight.... and whats with the face? why spend half an hour painting yourself up so that you look the same as you did half an hour ago? :?
  4. 1) It's easier to nag.
    2) "fine" is a variable, it can mean anything.
    3) Learnt from the males
    4) Fine....and run away.
  5. 1. cause it's an effort to lift
    2. otherwise we'd think you're gay
    3. cause we'd like to estimate how much blood gets to your brain (on your head)
    4. to the tune of "I like big butts!" :LOL:
  6. oh God here we go again!!! :roll:
  7. Is that the answer to #4? :LOL:
  8. Answer

    4. what the correct answer to "does my ass look big in this?" is?
    Yes, but at least nothings wrong with your eyesight
    :LOL: :p
    5. They always want equal opportunity until it comes down to a fist fight :LOL: :p :LOL:
  9. I dont get the toilet seat thing. Apperently its easier to have a fight about it that it is to move the bloody thing! And if you ask why not just put it down, you get told that its dirty. So its OK for us to touch it! The solution? Leave it down and slash all over it.
  10. 1. Aesthetics aside, the whole "put lid of toilet down when flushing" is a purely hygienic issue for me. Urine molecules, people, urine molecules (I've had this conversation too many times to go into detail without prodding).

    2. Use "fine" all you like. We use it all the time. "Honey - was that orgasm good for you?" "Yep, it was fine"....

    3. Sometimes the package zone isn't sufficiently filled to determine sex of individual, so further scanning (usually of face) is required ;)

    4. Correct answer is: "babe, I like those green pants better - they make your arse look hot" It's all about avoiding the actual answer, and providng a workable solution that makes the girl feel better.
  11. Niiiiice
  12. whoa :shock: question deferred, situation avoided, thats gooood...... now i just gotta get her a pair of green pants :LOL:
  13. Pure gold :)
  14. But then you get abused for being a liar....as I said correct (honest answer) to #4:-

    At least there's nothing wrong with your eyesight

    Its both a compliment and an insult at the same time...but at least its an honest response
  15. OK---That's FINE!!! :D :D
  16. i like that ad.... "whatever takes the attention away from your face" :LOL: :LOL:

    might aswell pour barbeque sauce all over yourself and jump into the lion enclosure. in fact, i'd say the odds are better there :LOL:
  17. 1. I actually have to give a shit whether the seat is UP or DOWN. I don't care if I have to put the seat down.. you shouldn't care if you have to put it up :roll: :p

    2. Fine is a word men can use, it's when *I* start using the word that everthing is NOT fine. I make no secret of this code and tell the male species of it :D

    3. Actually.. we aren't looking at your groin.. we are checking out if you have a wedding ring...THEN we look at your groin...no point if you are taken! :)

    4. I would never be stupid enough to ask the "ass" question :roll: That is what a mirror is for.. they are cheap and realiable and dont mock you when your ass IS big.. :p :D
  18. Lets not ignore the pause. Any pause at all that occurs between the question being asked, and the "Not at all" being returned is interpreted as "You have a big arse". Mental discipline can prevent this and it must become an involuntary action. The answer must come immediately after (or ideally before) the question has finished.
  19. Like that would stop some women :roll: :p :LOL: (ducking for cover yet again)
  20. Go the pre-emptive strike. Before she asks, say:

    a) "Wow, your arse looks good in that!"


    b) "In case it comes up in conversation, that outfit really doesn't suit an arse like yours"

    a) gives you heaps of brownie points, while b) will make her pause. Those milliseconds could be the difference between life and death.