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Archer appreciation thread

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. #1 Ljiljan, Aug 11, 2012
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    Seen an avatar or two of the man floating around so thought I would start a thread on the most unPC, crude, explicit, shocking cartoon on the free networks. I've been watching along on Iview thanks to no TV in the house, thought episode 9 where he gets a new job to be the best yet. Can't wait for more.


  2. You're in the danger zone, Lilley.
  3. Hooray!

    RETINAS! Seared like tuna steaks!
  4. Barry you ASS, if you love it put a ring on it
  5. Hey! What's that..?

    Immigrants! That's what they do, ya know? Driving around doing the rap and shooting all the jobs
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    I didn't agree with that one, I reckon fine grade would cause more pain than course.

  7. &

    Then Woodhouse gets his monkey to help him shoot heroin.


    Can't wait for Frisky Dingo to come back, Killface for the win!
  8. Watched two episodes for the first time last night after having my brother telling me nearly everyday that I should watch it. He's right, it was hilarious.

    "Seriously though, Handjo."
  9. Frothing.
  10. "Is mutiny funny to you, Mr Archer?"

    "I don't know, maybe a mutiny of clowns"
  11. Sorry Cyril did that hurt? Cyril. Cyril. CYRRRRIILLLLLLL
    YES it frickin' hurt
    *laughs* Yeah, right?
  12. Krieger has some of the best lines, I wish he got more screen time for crazies.

    Krieger: Press that red button.
    Archer: Is it going to kill everyone?
    Krieger: ...press that blue button.

    Archer: Jesus, Krieger, you're still taping bum fights?
    Krieger: No, now I'm into something... darker.

    Krieger: I need access to a two-inch drain, hot water, three GFCI outlets—this bathroom should do nicely—and a pot of coffee just like I like my women: black, bitter, preferably fair trade.
  13. hehehe,
    just saw the last episode of the first season...
  14. Just the tip!
  15. Cheryl Tunt

    Tum again?
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  17. damn you guys.......
    just wasted the whole day watching season 2 (season 1 is still downloading)
  18. Just discovered it these week and watched all three seasons (well, I can only find three episodes of season three). Wonderful!

    The thought of me dead gives you an erection?

    No, just half of one! The other half would have really missed you.
  19. #20 smileedude, Aug 19, 2012
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    Thanks lil, new thing to watch. Watched the first episode last night and was in hysterics the whole time. Can't wait to watch more.