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ARAI Vector 2

Discussion in 'Helmets' at netrider.net.au started by Samboss260, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Have searched here a few times and even googled for some youtube reviews.

    I'm looking at getting a second helmet, and have narrowed it down to another Arai, this time the Vector 2.

    I tried on a few helmets yesterday, namely the Shark Speed R and a Shoei, and they didn't fit my head as snuggly as the Arai. I also like the weight of the Vector 2 and how small it looks as a helmet. I wear glasses full time, so it has to accomodate them also.

    Reason I'm getting another helmet, is that I received some vouchers and cash for my 40th birthday, and I pretty much have all the gear, so why not a good decent helmet. I didn't pay for my first Arai Corsair RX7 helmet, so I figure I can splash out on a good helmet.

    Ultimatley, I think that I will have one helmet with clear visor and one with a tinted visor, then I can just grab whichever helmet I need for the ride, and it can also act as a spare.

    So, any comments on the Vector 2? Or are there any other helmets that I should be looking at for the $500 to $650 range?
  2. I have a strange shaped head and I wear glasses so not many helmets fit me properly. I've never tried the Arai but Shark, AGV etc are bad fits for me. Shoei fits me best (with the glasses as well).

    Have you tried AGV? They are pretty good as well.
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  3. Amazing, isn't it? So many people simply take their mate's word about what's a good helmet or a bad one, and never consider that everyone has a different shaped head. Your mate might have an Arai head, but finds Shoei's uncomfortable and vise versa. Never take someone else's advice about what's the best helmet. Try all of them on and decide on the basis of what fits you best. I am pleased to see that that is the approach that you're taking, it's so important.
  4. Always been an Arai man myself. Went from a Condor to a Vector 2 at the begining of the year and love it. Great brand.
  5. You know rc36, up until now, I kept hearing that people have different shaped heads (obviously) and that each brand of helmet and in some cases different models in the same brand fit people differently. I thought it was a crock, "buy a helmet for your size and be done with it, just like gloves and boots".

    But I really was amazed how even more expensive helmets didn't feel comfortable on my head. Half of me feels bad about spending $500 to $600 on a helmet. But I'd rather get something that fits well and works well than something that is simply a big piece of fibreglass / carbon fibre or plastic around my head.
  6. I've worn Arai's for years (10+) and it's because they fit me best.. However I do find them to be one of the noisiest helmets on the market, admittedly I haven't tried a Vector 2 yet..

    I've found that rjays are a similar fit but probably not as good as an Arai (personal opinion)

    The sparx in my avatar was another good fit, but it was a $99 helmet. I did crash test the sparx by landing on the top of my head at 80k's and I don't have any more brain damage than before the accident..

    These days I keep my Arai for the track and use a rjays on the road.
  7. Sez you!!!!! :rofl:
  8. I have a vector 2 (my first helmet) And it's been pretty good. Main thing is that my Father and Brother (probably similar head shapes I guess) say it's the most comfortable thing they've worn. The vents mean it's great for keeping warm or cooling down, the front mouth vents are ok for fog on the visor but not amazing. Still generally have to put up visor at lights if it's cold to avoid fog. I have found it quite comfortable with sunnies underneath as well, which is surprising as many of my friends who ride swore it was super uncomfortable so that could be good for you. Sorry I know my description is probably a little Noobish but I hope it helps!!
  9. +1 Arai Vector 2.

    I've got one but only because I don't have a Shoei compatible head :D
  10. Cheers guys.

    Went and tried them on again. Really torn between the Shark Vision r and Speed r and the Vector 2.

    The Vector 2 fits nice and snug all round, and just feels like a smaller and lighter helmet. The Shark ones aren't exactly heavy, and they don't fit too badly either. Reason I was looking atthe Shark again was the drop down tinted visor.

    Decisions decisions !!! As the guy at the shop said, "Do you want the top of the line Holden, or the BMW?"
  11. I would go for the one that fits me best. Go for the fit and requirements first and then brand! AT that range they are all excellent helmets, ONLY you can decide which one gives you the best fit. :)
  12. I have a Vector 2 as well. I'm very happy with it.

    Sometimes switching out the visor from clear to tinted can be a royal pain in the a$$ but other times it happens within 20 seconds.

    My only other gripe would be the fog, I fog this thing up so much but all my helmets I've owned have been this way. I breath slowly and deep. I guess I just exhale too much at once for it to keep up. I will look at a breath deflector I suppose.

    I have not regretted my purchase. But as all the other posters have said... get what feels the best on your noggin.
  13. Pretty noisy, yep. The ventilation is great on the other hand and it's so plush it's like wearing a pillow.
  14. Sounds like too much hot air, Kewish....(just sayin') :)
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  15. lol

    I ride in Melbourne... Probably just the boiling blood heating my breath up ;)
  16. Well, having ridden in Melbourne myself, I can fully understand!
  17. I'm really happy with my Arai vector. I would have rather spent a bit less, but I tried on every helmet in 2 shops and the Arai fit was by far the best. I always wear sunnies (cycling ones) and they fit will with it. The only complaint I have is that if you ride with the visor up at over 50k you get a loud wind whistle which can be annoying.
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  19. Digging up this old thread instead of creating a new one as there is some good info on here and it's all related.

    I recently bought a new Vector 2 (second helmet 1st over $500) in the racing red....whacked a blue mirror shield on there and I'm finding more reasons to ride just to sneak a peak of myself in store windows.....love it.

    Except for one major drawback. I find at around 60-70kmh I get a high pitched whistle from the top vent. I wear ear plugs but can still hear it and it's annoying as if it didn't exist the helmet would be perfect. I can put up with at the present as it's closed most of the time being winter.

    Does anyone else with a Vector have this problem If so is there a resolution? Is it because of my bike (ninja 300)?

    I find that if I lean over more the whistle goes away, or if I lean back more it goes away......unfortunately it happens in my normal riding possie.

    Anyway, I've flicked off a support ticket to Arai yesterday evening and I'll report back what they come back with.

    As far as the rest of the helmet? The air flow is great. I wear a balaclava so the lack of chin curtain doesn't worry me at the present. I don't have major fogging issues even in the mornings at lights with the shield with no pinlock. Looks absolutely fantastic. The only downside in aerodynamics is the top vent catches the wind when head checking....my last helmet didn't do that.
  20. The only issue I've had with the Vector (and its probably the same with all their SAI range) is visor change over. Plastic parts being levered against other plastic parts, if things aren't lined up correctly eventually something snaps. This happened to me when I needed to change from tint to clear early one morning last winter, broke the top tap off the white cover locking section. It was my fault for being in a hurry and trying to do it when things weren't fitted correctly. I could still use the helmet and visor even with the tag broken, the cover was just sticking out at the top. Luckily Aria sell replacement parts - think it was $15 for the pair, so I have a spare left side now :unsure: