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Arai Vector 2 - First Review

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by rxsammy, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Recently bought an Arai Vector 2 Size S in Plain White.

    Had the helmet a week now and I'm very happy with it. Upgraded from a Shark RSF2i. Upgraded mainly because i wanted a helmet that I could wear my glasses with.

    I love the look of Arai helmets. Something about the shape makes them look smaller on your head. I wish more makers would offer helmets in plain colours. I think the plain white looks great, especially with the dark tint visor.

    The size small fits me snuggly, more snug than the Shark did. At first I felt a little pressure on my forehead, but that went away after wearing it twice.

    The venting on this helmet is excellent. I didnt even notice the difference on the Shark when I opened the vents. I would almost always ride with the visor open an inch. The vents on the Arai provide a full breeze inside the helmet, its great. No need to open the visor anymore. No fogging issues at all too. There is no chin shield tho, so you get a bit of a chill in cold weather.

    The Arai is about the same as my Shark. Maybe a little quieter. Just has some general wind noise, no whistling or anything. It doesn't bother me as I usually ride with ear plugs if I'm going on freeways etc.

    All and all so far i would rate this helmet very highly. I think I'll be sticking with Arai's for a while. I'll update the review after a month or so. It's been great having the dark tint visor too. I thought it might be too dark for the changes in shadows out in the twisties but it's been totally fine. Even been caught out after dark and managed ok.

  2. Good to hear about the wind noise. I have an Arai Vector (first series, not second) and that is my main gripe with it.
  3. Still really happy with the helmet. I think wind noise has even decreased now. Probably due to the padding around the ears softening a bit.

    I forgot to mention how easy I find the Arai visors to change. Takes 30 seconds max. Far less fiddly than i thought it would be, and even easier than the Shark.
  4. I currently have a Shark RSI and also have to open the visor all the time, because there just is no ventilation flow through and it fogs badly as a result. Was considering getting a Shoei but the Arai sounds just as good now. Thanks for the review, food for thought.
  5. Hey Ametha,

    Do try them both on. My wife has a Shark and loves it. Comfortable and quiet. Well better then it's price bracket suggested.

    However she finds the Arai highly uncomfortable to wear. Slight difference in the design I suppose. I too like the Arai, but found the Shoei put pressure on a single part of my scalp and got headaches almost instantly.

    Moral; go to a bricks and mortar store, put each one on in turn and wander around the store for a while in it. Go sit on a bike, make sure it doesn't obstruct your instruments (seeing as your PP had a cruiser on it) to much when correctly seated on your head, etc.
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  6. I'm on my 2nd vector, the fit for me is very good. My original one had a chin guard which was nice - anyone know if there is one available for the 2?

    Regarding noise... they are a little noisy, but I have had no other long term helmet, so hard to compare. I find, with the if the visor down, if wind hits your helmet square on (ie. upright riding position) it is ok, but when you ride in a sportier riding position and look through the top of the visor more the wind noise is louder. And there is a very annoying whistle when you ride with the visor open.
  7. Its worth noting that the Vector 2 is a totally different shape inside than the Vector. I could only get a small Vector halfway on my head (so narrow at the top). But the small Vector 2 fits perfectly.

    The lining/padding on the Vector 2 is also removable unlike the Vector, so u can wash it etc.

    It'd be interesting to find out if you can get a chin shield as it will prob get a bit chilly in winter.
  8. love the vector *1st series* i moved up to it from my shitty Rjays, at 1st there was this rattling sound in the right side but it was gone within 10 mins of riding and that was the end of it so im happy.