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Arai RX-Q

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by ametha elf, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. After much thought, I finally decided on my new helmet. Its an Arai RX-Q. It fits beautifully, has room for glasses, nice and light, and hopefully will not fog. I also bought a light tint visor which fingers crossed will be right for day and night riding, now I just have to wait 'til Thursday to pick it up. Does anyone else have one of these, and what do you think of it? I had a Shark RSI which fogged really badly no matter what I tried, so I switched back to an old RXT and have been using that for a year or so now, but the difference in weight and comfort between that and the Arai is really impressive, for a start.

  2. The Arai's are very comfortable....

    Which light tint visor did you get?
  3. Ummm, I just asked for a light tint and they said ok, done. Its about $100 extra for the visor, if that helps? :)
  4. The one that I saw was fairly dark, that is all. The "lighter" tint was the irridium / silver screen.
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  5. Thanks for that, I'll check out what it is, before I pay the money.
  6. Yes, the darker tint wouldn't be suitable for night time riding.

    Where have you ordered the helmet from?

    I'm about to purchase my second Arai, the Vector 2, and am still undecided if I should venture into the Shark territory with a tinted second visor that is built into the helmet.
  7. Brisbane Motorcycles at Windsor. They have a really good selection of helmets there and have been very patient with my long list of questions :). If you get the Shark helmet with the flip down visor I'd be interested to read how it goes - my old Shark helmet was wonderful except for the fogging issue.
  8. Went to make my final decision, and chose the Arai. There is just something with these helmets, the fit, the comfort... The Shark was nice and the visor could come in handy, but the fit wasn't as good and it had a bit of a glue smell.

    So I went with the Arai.
  9. I don't think you can go wrong with the Arai, good choice :). Even though the fit of my Shark was great, it doesn't compare at all with the Arai I'm buying. (Both of them another world ahead of the RXT, but I had no fogging issues with that one)
  10. +1 for the RX-Q with the light tint visor :D. Exactly what i have.
    I replaced an RXT Atom with it, what a difference!
  11. What do you think of the light tint visor? I do a lot of night riding, through city streets then out on the open highway, am really hoping that its ok for that.
  12. Most helmets will fog. Even helmets that claim to be anti fog lose that coating after awhile.

    Hopefully you new helmet will coming with the max vision arai visor. The later shipment of arai helmets all did. This allows you to use a special pin lock which sits perfectly to the shape of the eye port and means you can change in the color of your tinits within seconds.

    Arai do make a few different sai visors for the rxq. Dark tint, light tint and irridiums. I've found the light tint do night time nor day time riding well.

    Just my 2cents.
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  13. Goes good. It's not dark enough to really affect night vision, but I do always keep a set of clear glasses just in case.
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  14. Have had my first ride with the new Arai, and am totally impressed by it. My main concern was with fogging but if anything, there was too much ventilation coming through and I had to close a couple of vents, which is a first for me. Comfort, aerodynamics, visibility, ventilation excellent, 10 out of 10, can highly recommend this helmet.

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  15. How do you find it for wind noise? I've had a few people tell me Arai's visor mounting design is really poor for wind noise. I think that's more in reference to their Vector range, but the RX-Q doesn't look very different in the photos in terms of mounts.
  16. It's a lot quieter than my old one but then I am comparing it to an RXT. I can hear wind rushing past, its definately not whisper quiet, but it has some kind of padding around the ear area which seems to lessen some sounds. I used to hear every little variation in engine noise before but now it sounds more muffled. There are two vents on the visor which can be closed and that would probably make it a lot quieter.