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Arai mini review & whats that bottle of silicone lube??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cheese, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. Just picked up a sweet new Arai lid. I really wanted an Astro or Astral-TR because they have the removable pads, chin guard and breath deflector, but ended up going for the bottom of the range Condor model which has none of these things.

    The Condor fit my head better than anything else I tried - actually it fit so damn good and feels so comfortable, I can't believe it's the cheapest of their line. I think I read somewhere the Condor is Arai's new "third" head shape helmet that fits somewhere in between their round and oval shapes.

    When trying on the new Astral-TR, I was really surprised at how much play the removable pads gave. It felt like the pads were slipping inside the helmet shell! Once the chin strap was done up tight it was ok though. I really liked the way the pads come out - I thought they'd just be velcro'd in, but the whole plastic shell they are attached to clips in and out

    Another thing that really suprised me was the Astro, Astral-TR and in particular, the RX7-Corsair left a huge gap between the back of the helmet and the base of my skull. The gap on the Corsair was so big I could fit three fingers all the way up inside the helmet. The Condor however was snug as a bug..

    So I went for the best fit rather than getting all the extra bits. I queried the breath deflector, and the salesbot just ripped one out of one of the other helmets and gave it to me - has anyone tried fitting one to a Condor. I've got it attached ok, but it was a real pita to fit and doesn't feel like its in properly - maybe the Condor was never meant to take them?

    Also got a sexy blue iridium visor - have read elsewhere in this forum how easy they are to scratch and how hard they are to handle, but couldn't resist. I tried the quick release visor system in the shop and though I was gonna break it. When I got home I had a few "practice runs" before swapping to the iridium. Man, it's a peice of cake one you work it out. The trick is to not be scared of breaking/scratching/snapping something and to be firm.

    To get the visor off, just open the visor, flick the two release levers on each side up, and then keep opening the visor - it will just pop right out. Getting it back on is just a matter of sliding each side in one at a time until you hear a nice audible click - again, you have to be firm. Those guys that claim they can change their Arai visor in 5 seconds - well I believe them now. I reckon I could change visors with the helmet still on my head with a bit of practice.

    I got a nice discount, 10%, for buying a display helmet off the shelf - was the only one they had in my size/model/color, but I didn't get a box or manual. I did get a little bottle of silicone lube though. I'm guessing this is for the visor as a water repellent? Or maybe not?? Anyone want to clue me up...

  2. Re: Arai mini review & whats that bottle of silicone lub

    Errrr, no, it is for the mechanism that lifts your visor.

    You can also use it on the seals around the visor to keep them from drying out. Although Glyceryn will do a better job.
  3. Re: Arai mini review & whats that bottle of silicone lub

    Ok, thanks. I was guessing that "lubrication" was for something mechanical.

    Now that I know that - is there anything suitable for applying to your visor to keep it clean and water/oil/dirt repellent?
  4. Re: Arai mini review & whats that bottle of silicone lub

    Plexus, Mr sheen, rainx, dishwashing liquid smeared then wiped clean, non abrasive toothpaste.
  5. Re: Arai mini review & whats that bottle of silicone lub

    Toothpaste!! The Plexus and rainx options sound a little more appealing. Anyone had any bad experiences using these products on an iridium visor?
  6. Re: Arai mini review & whats that bottle of silicone lub

    Crystal View Visor Cleaner is without a doubt the best stuff. And at only $3 for a bottle, it's a steal :) Get yours from ...
  7. Re: Arai mini review & whats that bottle of silicone lub

    kewl, that is cheap, and only 4 bucks delivery - I don't even have to leave the house. I'll give it a go. Thanks (you wouldn't have a vested interest by any chance mr administrator? :p )
  8. hey cheese that's a nice review.

    i've got a condor too and i reckon its pretty good.
    fits firm and well, light as well and looks pretty cool. same as you i couldn't help but get the blue iridium.

    at first i had heaps of problems getting visor on and off but now its a piece of cake!

    too bad i had a recent off and put scratches all down the left chin area.......lucky my iridium sustained no scratches though!!
  9. Yeah, an Arai is a King amongst helmets :D

    By far the best way to clean your visor/ helmet - cover it with a piece of wet kitchen roll, leave for a few minutes and wipe clean.

    Personally, I don't bother with surface additives to the visor (when clean the plastic repels water anyway and I've never found anything to work very well to counter misting).

    I do carry a small bottle of cleaner for when out on rides though.
  10. Hey that's my trick :!: