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Arai Iridium Visors

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by flashfire, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. I have an Arai Astro Tr, and am looking at getting a purple iridium visor from this dude on ebay:


    It says in the description that it fits QUANTUM(SUPER AdSis MODELS), QUANTUM/s, QUANTUM/e, QUANTUM/f, QUANTUM/j, ASTRO/j, RX-7RR, RX-7RR3, RX-7XX, RX-7RR4, NR, NR-2, NR-3, OMNI, RAPIDE, RAPIDE-3 & RV

    Does that mean it will fit my helmet?

    I have tried Australian Arai supplier (cassons) but they don't do the purple shield. Does anyone else know where I could source a purple iridium visor for Arai? I went to the Arai USA website (they don't have australian section) and they don't sell internationally.

    Also, what is iridium like at night? Is it effectively a dark tinted shield?
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  3. Yes it will, by the way (fit, I mean).
  4. Thanks for that nearlyempty. That place in the UK sells the visor for 65GPB, but I can get em off ebay for $72USD. Much, much, much cheaper. :)

    I know they scratch easily. I will take extra good care of it and always carry the helmet in a helmet bag.
  5. Yeah, they tend to do well out of the legal issues in the UK regarding dark visors (stores cannot sell them) and so the price goes up. (They are based in Ireland, which is how they get around the legal issue.)

    They do stock pretty much everything though, in case you are really stuck.
  6. flashfire, i got my blue iridium arai visor at mcas in parra for $120 there abouts. your better off going there and getting it than through the states and mail system.

    your paying US$72 plus US$20 for shipping so works out to be the same

    i reckon iridium looks awesome but i also take extra care with it. dun wanna scratch it.

    if you figure out how to remove and insert visors easily let me know cause it takes me ages to re-insert it
  7. What helmet have you got?

    Arais have a quick release that takes a bit of getting used to (always feels as though something has broken). But once used to it, visors can be changed pretty quickly.
  8. i got the arai condor with shwartz graphics

    yeah i find it tricky and gotta be real careful cause it feels like i'm gonna break something.

    does anyone know if i can remove the padding in mine for washing? cause i tried to look it up in book but got confused about the right model. then i tried to test if i can take the padding off but was too scared cause its like a $600 lid! for now i just wipe the insides.
  9. Stick with it and it'll get easier. There's a definite knack!

    Hmm, I don't think anything is removable on the Condor, but it should be pretty simple to check (if it seems stuck then it probably is).

    You can still wash your lid though. Sprinkle in some washing powder, some warm water and give it a gentle massage. Then leave it somewhere to dry for a few days (NOT on a radiator or some other heat source).
    My Quatum f gets this treatment once a year.
  10. Condor's don't have removable lining. Which is why it's cheaper than the other Arai's.

    I've broken the tab on my Arai before. Was a fairly simple fix.

    I've got no problem changing visors. Every morning the tinted goes in. Every evening the clear one goes in. Takes about 5 seconds with the Arai tabs.
  11. They are excellent at night.
    I always had my purple one on day and night.

    As for looking after them, it's not the handling of them that you need to worry about its the stuff hitting them.

    I copped a spray of something one rainy day and it ate away the tint.
  12. Hehe, vic can't ride - how ironic is that :shock:

    Had to wait until somebody else posted. Great sig Kaer. :)
  13. yes you are right about looking after them. i am so careful with mine and still i have a couple of annoying marks on it. And VIC i have a blue one so you say you can wear them at night as well ?
  14. Well then, perhaps i'll save my energy and not offer my replies!
  15. I think they scratch way too easy, I have just gone to the High Definition visor on the shoei and they are fantastic.
  16. I scratched my Shark Iridium visor. I cried for days :(

    Well... I didn't cry, but I was none too happy :p