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arai helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Drew, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. What are peoples opinions of arai helmets. I would epect them to be good given that GP riders use them, but i am more interested in personal opinions.

    interested in quility, comfort of fit (as best as can be given) and and issues people have had with them.

    I'm getting close to needing a new helmet and have found an arai i like the look of......yet to try it on though.

    oh looking at the tour-X model if that helps at all.
  2. New helmet? Just about time for a new bike isn't it Drew? :wink:

    I tried on the Arai helmets, they were very comfy and seemed to fit good, but........

    They seemed, like the Shoei, to me, to sit very high. As in it didn't seem to cover my chin at the bottom. Like it was too small, even though it fit nicely around the top & cheeks. Felt a bit weird.
  3. new bike is possible after June next year..... and the choices are endless :roll:

    new helmet is desirable as the current one is getting loose... tried cleaning the liner bit didn't improve things too much... it just seems to have settle fast and is now a bit loose. especially if i flick my head from side to side. A real bugger as it was quick tight when i bought it. :(

    might just be your head :LOL: I know what you mean, i found the AGV to be the same... chin guard was high even when the rest of helmet was a good fit. Guess we all have different noggin's and need different helmets to suit.
  4. You're an emotional guy aren't you Drew! :LOL: :p
  5. dunno what you mean :-w
  6. Does it have removable cheek pads Drew?
    If so you may be able to purchase pads and adjust the fit to suit you better. I've got a nitro that felt the same after a while so I am looking for new cheek pads. In the meantime I fitted some rubber sheeting in under the exisiting pads... fit perfect !!
  7. yeahi think so.

    not sure i like adding extras that is wan't meant to have though.... but a bit of foam shouldn't really affect it.

    I'll give it a go and see how it feels
  8. I've got the Arai Vector which I find very comfortable.
    As someone said it is a little smallish in the chin area, but I just get away with it.
    I really like the helmet. Is the cheapest in the Arai range.
  9. OMG they're awesome Drew! At least I think so anyway... I've got the Arai Vector and and it's so comfy and well ventilated. Snug as a bug etc etc :LOL:

    I tried on the RX7 Corsair and that was unbelievably comfy but at $1100 it was a tad out of my pricerange :shock:

    Regarding safety, I've a very good friend who races Superbikes in Europe for a living and he swears by them (and no he's not sponsored by them). He told me a tale of a time he hit a wall at 270kph and survived! (Obviously) The helmet didn't even look damaged.

    I reckon you can't go wrong. They have nuerous different cheek pad inserts to make sure of a perfect fit also.


  10. Looking at getting an arai vector soon too.
    Pushed aside plans to buy a 'used' shoei :roll:
    Ive tried the vector .. WOW comfy :p
    Should I buy the one that is firm and comfy then get a smaller cheekpad later if needed? .. or get one a little TOO firm ??
    I found my Nitro was no-where near firm enough after 6000 km
    Dont wanna make the SAME mistake with the expensive arai
  11. I've got the RX7 Corsair McCoy Corsa ... excellent helmet.


    Very comfortable, has removable liner and cheek pads .... and you have the option of getting different liner / cheek pad thicknesses for the "custom" fit.

    I emailed the importers directly (http://www.cassons.com.au/), and they were very helpful in sending me all the information I asked for ... and you can search their site for all the Arai Helmets and accessories you need. They will also let you know where to go to get the helmet your after.

    Best of luck ....