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ARAI helmets rank highest in overall customer satisfaction

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. I've always wanted an Arai helmet, but they just don't fit me. Neither do AGV come to that.

    I have a Shoei-shaped head, or if I'm feeling particularly poor whilst helmet shopping, an OGK-shaped head.

    Anyone else have this problem?
  2. Opposite.

    Shoei don't fit me. Arai does.
  3. Ditto. I had to learn that the expensive way. I spent $550 on a shoei helmet, and after 6 weeks of riding needed to buy an arai cos they shoei was extremely uncomfortable to wear for over an hour. $750 later I have an Arai.
  4. every Arai I have ever tried hurts my head
    so no, I don't have an Arai shaped head
    Shoei do fit (my 1st helmet was a Shoei but the current ones
    aren't the best)
    I find AGV the best fit for MY head
    thats what matters
  5. Yeah Spiky, I have unfortunately a Shoei only head too, as does my mate also on here as 'Phx'
  6. Unfourtunately I have an Arai shaped head. Sounds wierd that sentence. Anyway. :?

    It looks like they didn't take into account sensible pricing when measuring customer satisfaction?

    On a serious note, they are a very good helmet for a very high price, but I think you can get similar to equal performance for a much better price here in Australia.

    But if you absolutley must have the Gibernau/MCoy/Doohan/Nakano replicas?
  7. That should be the "Please Read" topic.
  8. Arai as of the last few years brought out a range of different shaped helmets. Quantum, Condor, and I wear an Astral :!: Goto your local dealer and they should be advising you that there are different shapes to thier helmets.
    I only ever wear straight colors as I can't justify spending over a 1k for a helmet with graphics but my helmet is Red which is the same red as my Ducati. :D

    Unfortunately I have tested an Arai helmet with success as I am still breathing. I will not wear anything else. If it saved me once it will save me again. I also find them very comfortable with venting that works well.
    They can be a little noisy with all the vents but it doesn't bother me.

  9. These talks of not having a {Shoei|AGV|Arai|insert brand here} shaped head have always interested me. I wonder if, as a blanket statement to all a manufacturers models, it's an urban myth type thing or there's some actual merit to it?

    To settle some curiosity, would those that don't have an xx brand shaped head post with the following (if you like) ..

    1. Manufacturer that head doesn't fit
    2(a). Upper Vertical Head diameter (use a tape measure at forehead height and measure diameter of head)
    2(b). Lower Vertical Head diameter (use a tape measure at chin height and measure diameter of head)
    3. Vertical head length (use a tape measure starting at chin peak and measure length to highest point on top of your head)

    I'm interest if all thoughs that don't have an xxx shaped head have similiar head proportions
  10. Great idea mouth, and one that I will do when I get near a tape measure. Just need some clarification though; Measurement 2a can be very open to interpretation as people's foreheads span several centimetres. Why not request this measurement be done 2cm above eyebrows or something? Just a suggestion.

    Maybe this deserves a thread of it's own?
  11. Wouldn't do me any good, cos, as everyone knows, I've got a swelled head!!!!
  12. That is a fascinating article - thanks v.much for posting the link.
  13. While I am not going to wrestle a tape measure to post the dimensions of my head over the internet! :p

    I actually think any properly sized helmet will change shape internally (Probable due to foam compression) to better fit your head after a 'wearing in' period. It may be that we are fussy bastards and want something that is immediately comfortable off the shelf, rather than wait a week or two for it to wear in? :?
  14. bah wierd shaped head mofo's. I'll fit into anything I like AGV the best out of he one's I tried on though, the "snuggest" fit. I did like a shoe helmet I tried on when shopping but $1100 was a bit out of my budget when shopping for a stack hat, ended up getting a 2003 rossi replica AGV for $299. Was the last one left in the store and it was a small which the guy said they don't sell many of so the $750 price tag was slashed for me :D
  15. Yes, of course, you are right. When buying a helmet it should be snug to the point of being slightly uncomfortable. In the course of wearing it for the first dozen times the internal structures conform to the shape of your head, no matter how weird it is, and then it becomes really comfortable.
  16. I beg to differ. It took me 6 or so weeks of wearing my shoei everyday to discover that it was entirely not fun to wear for much longer than my daily commute. It was snug and lovely in the shop when I bought it, but the pressure on my forehead was too much over extended periods of time. Unless my head has grown in the last 3 months.... 8)
  17. I just read this article. It's hard going and very long, but should be made compulsory reading. Quite the best article on the subject I've ever seen. Thanks for pointing it out, Smitty, I owe you.
  18. Hey flash, sorry to hear that the Shoei didn't work for you. I guess there will always be situations where that occurs. I do recommend that you read the article that Smitty referred to, as it helps to explain why that actually occurred to you.