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arai helmet shield holder broken

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by livingstonest, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. i am sad to say that i have broken the shield holder for my arai condor schwantz helmet. whilst trying to change visors from iridium to clear for tonites riding i must've been too rough and broken the tab A of the shield holder. now i can't flip the visor open without it coming off.

    has anyone had this problem with their arai or am i the only dumba$$ to do this?

    what can i do? is this under warranty? do i contact arai? or the shop i got it from? can i order in the part?
  2. Not sure which bit you've busted,

    I broke the bit that screws to the helmet on mine and it cost about $5 for a newy so no big deal.

    If you've busted the bit that pushes on over the visor I doubt it would cost you too much for another one.

    Just drop down to you're nearest bike shop they'll probably have em in stock
  3. its the shield holder which is the large plastic plate covering the mechanisms underneath. its palmsized and has the graphics on it. what keeps that cover on are two tabs. i've broken the one on the top.

    hmmm ok, will take it to the shop this weekend
  4. $44.95 the pair (most of them are)
    your local bike shop prob won't have the pod in stock as the graphics vary so much. Not incredibly common to break but it does happen.

    Take the helmet in so they can ring cassons with a description (and get them to ask for will - he knows arai's really well) There was more than one Schwantz helmet i'm pretty sure.
  5. oh yeah they can only ring cassons during the week :)
  6. cool, thanks tanya....well at least i can buy parts by the sound of it

    i was so sad....i love the arai....plus it cost me 600 bucks!! :(
  7. I did exactly that last week.

    Emailed BikeBiz, you know the guys that run that top banner :) got a set of pods sent from them,
    $26.95 for the pods,
    $6.80 express post
    All up $33.75 delivered next day.

    Oh, they only come in Red, White or Black.

    My lid was metalic purple. If I wanted to be fussy I could have had them sprayed but meh..........it looks good with black pods :)
  8. Metalic purple? Tell Loz where you got it. It'll match his metalic purple seat and tassles. :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Vic.. if you weren't being cheap you could have got the right ones :p
  10. also, think about getting the hypercolour stick on screen - i normally wear dark sunnies and this works awesome in sunlight and cclear as clear at night time - no need to change visors ever, oh andd its totally anti fog and half the price of iridium.

    QUIZ TIME: Anyone know where iridium comes from?
  11. damn i knew it wasn't just me! those pods have very small el-cheapo tabs. when changing visors the pods flex so its only a matter of time before they snap! i mean....how hard is it to design a sturdy visor system?
  12. hey all thanks for your help. i've contacted mcas in parramatta and this afternoon they're gonna get me a new pair of the shield holders. cost is $40 something he said.

    they were very courteous and i'm impressed by the speed at which they ordered it in and called me.
  13. I wasn't being cheap, I was told that they were the only now available. :(
  14. Kick em up the behind vic... :)
  15. Anyway got the replacement shield holders(they come in a pair) for $45. The chaps at MCAS parra were very helpful, put it back on and all. I was suprised how quick it took them to order it in.

    Problem was i was forcing the visor in all the time which would eventually lead to the breaking of the tab. Guy showed me how to put visor in and out properly, so easy, i feel stupid :)
  16. You paid $11 too much :p
  17. Now i feel double stupid! ](*,) :grin:
  18. Yes but he actually got ones that match the helmet Vic :p

    BTW I'm leaving today, cya you lot soon!
  19. I'm tipping it's a fairly new helmet as he mentioned warranty. Mine is around 7-8 years old.

    If the pods were available in the exact colour then I'd be dissapointed. But I'm happy with the black though :)

    Cya when you get here, be safe.