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webBikeWorld Arai Corsair-X Review

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Nov 21, 2015.

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    The Arai Corsair-X has been updated with features that are sure to make it more popular than ever.

    The most dramatic change is the new face shield pivot location and removal system.

    Called the "Variable Axis System" (VAS), the face shield pivot point is now lower on each side.

    Arai said this yields an average of 24 mm of additional smooth shell area above the side pods.

    This further refines the "R75" round shell shape to make it even rounder and smoother at and above the temples, which helps the Corsair-X to avoid becoming snagged on objects during an impact and slide.

    A new type of lever releases the side pod, which allows easy access to the face shield, which has a completely new removal system.

    And a new face shield lock design, taken from Arai's Formula 1 helmets, allows easier locking and release of the face shield while also providing a small opening for defogging.

    A Pinlock insert is also included with the Corsair-X.

    The upper ventilation system has received the latest Arai intake design, similar to the design we liked so much on the Arai Defiant.

    This results in an upper ventilation system that is both more efficient and much quieter than the Corsair-V.

    Arai is big on acronyms and the upper vent system is the "IC Duct-5", said to provide 11% more air flow than the "Delta Duct-5" system used on the Corsair-V.

    The vents on top now have three position sliders for variable air flow and the vents are designed to prevent water intrusion when they are fully closed.

    The new "Type 12" exhaust system diffuser is 20 mm longer, which yields better performance with improved aerodynamics, according to Arai.

    Other changes include new materials for the shell construction, which makes the shell even stronger, according to the company.

    The liner has also been updated, with a new "Eco-Pure" anti-microbial fabric and new padding.

    About the only feature that didn't get an update is the short chin strap pads, but the Corsair-X is so good, we can overlook that. For now.

    Oh, and the price. This is a hand-made helmet with an extraordinary reputation, which is reflected in the list price.

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