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ARAI Corsair V - Haga Monza Ltd Edition

Discussion in 'Archived' started by mrCAMPO, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. **SOLD**ARAI Corsair V - Haga Monza Ltd Edition

    Hello again folks!

    Size medium, including all items - Universal tool, instructional booklet, stickers, soft cloth cover and TWO visors, standard clear and dark smoked visor (pictured).

    This helmet is absolute MINT. This was my first helmet, and I've baby'd her since inception - Oct 2009. Receipt retained and purchased locally from MCAS Liverpool. Visors are both in excellent condition. Inside material has been hygienically cleaned. I'm a weekend rider so it hasn't really seen a lot of action and I'm not a sweat freak!

    You're probably wondering, has it been dropped? Absolutely not!! I don't have the bad heart to pass on to my fellow Aussie riders a dodgy helmet that has suffered any form of structural degradation. I take these things seriously just to put it out there. Helmet is perfect.

    Price: I bought for $1399, brand new its now $1099, so I'd be happy to let mine go for $800. It fits most heads, but try one in a shop if you must. Its damn comfortable though.

    Due to being a fragile item, I will only accept pickup. Sydney CBD (work) or Campbelltown (home) area is fine with me.
    eBay Feedback

    Happy riding folks - Enjoy the pics I took extra effort :)


  2. a minor drop wouldnt hurt it anyway
  3. Sorry guys, I forgot to mention price is negotiable. Make an offer and we will take it from there.

    Goz: That may be true, but I'm pretty precious with my stuff I'd prob cry like a little girl if that happened :p
  4. wrong size for me and i do not have that sort of money for a helmet...

    but when i was buying new lid, tried one of these on for the sake of it. felt real good.
  5. I bought a jacket from Campo recently, and can vouch for the fact that his gear gets very little use - it was MINT. Shame really, but I'm not complaining!

    Was also a thoroughly fuss-free transaction, very accomodating and a pleasure to deal with. If I needed a helmet I'd be interested.

    NB - I have no knowledge or association with the seller other than stated above. Just wanted to share a positive experience and put people's mind at ease.
  6. Hey DarkHorse, thanks for the feedback :) Glad you're digging the jacket mate.

    I'm willing to drop the price to $650 last offer. That to me is a great bargain for arguably the best helmet money can buy at the moment.

  7. Thanks guys. Helmet is now sold.

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