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Arachnids on board

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mustlovebikes, May 7, 2008.

  1. Im out riding my bike, as we do and I glance down to see 8 largish legs walking across the instrument panel. I had just stopped at the lights after riding along the freeway, so my arachnid friend decided to run to get a less windy position on my bike.

    Im doing lots of self talk, saying crashing is not an option and that Im covered from head to toe. I tried feeling compassionate for the spider as Im sure he would have been wishing to be in any other place.

    So I take off from the lights and he dissappears down the right hand side fork, cool I think, I dont have to look at his ugly body. Within a matter of seconds he appears on the left hand side bar, heading towards my hand. On he leaps as I think great I can flick him off, but he stuck like the Bridgestone gecko. Im flinging my hand all over the place and he finally dissappears. Ok now I can move up to the speed limit!

    Two streets later I realise that my hitchhiker had actually brought his girlfriend along for the ride. When he dissappeared down the rhs fork it was his mate who appeared and crawled on my hand.

    These were not overly big huntsmans, but the kind with really fat bodies and moved very fast. I rode the last few streets to my place with a spider on a hot tin bike, running all over the dash.

    Was so happy to see my driveway, put my bike in its usual spot and jumped off...fast.

    So one spider died from impact with asphalt and the other from half a can of Mortein. Im just left wondering what were they both doing hiding out on my bike.... maybe they got to christen my bike before I did!!! :(

    So before any guys say I should HTFU...no way. I dont like spiders. Anyone else had a silly moment on the bike, or any other animal stories?
  2. Sure they were huntsmans? :p

    Similar event happened to me in peak hour on Punt Rd, just (literally just) before the turn off to the Eastern Freeway. Ever tried to keep one eye on the road, another on Harry the Huntsman and a 3rd eye on the cagers? It can be done............

    Needless to say I pulled over at the very first opportunity and Harry played chicken with the traffic. He lost!
  3. :rofl:

    Good on ya, I think I would have fallen off!! :shock:
  4. :shock: :eek:hno:
    The worst I've had is some iddy biddy "something" crawl around the top of the chin guard, heading towards my ear... frantically fumbled around with big winter glove to get it out. Thankfully there were no surprises with traffic for that part of the trip.
  5. Little fly/bug thingy *inside* my ear in the helmet. No fun at all, particularly as I didn't know what it was until it was out and thought it might be a redback...
  6. I worked with a guy who had not long bought a new helmet and about 2 weeks later as he was riding along, a spider crawled across the visor on the inside.

    Needless to say, he made sure he stopped pretty damn quickly and got it out.
  7. Respect. I'd have probably fainted and crashed. NOT a fan of arachnids. :?
  8. Do a search for "spiders" and you'll find heaps of other hilarious stories about encounters with spiders and other nameless creepy-crawlies!! It's a recurring theme :).
  9. Riding my scooter for the last time before I sold it, wearing an open face helmet with a visor. I pull out from filling up at the servo for the last time, taking a 90 degree left at ~10km/h.

    The big huntsman runs across into my vision.

    Thank god I was riding an auto bike, I would have dumped the bike if I had to take an extra second to get that thing off.
  10. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    had the same thing happen to me, except i stopped the bike in about 2 seconds and was off it even quicker

    got a few funny looks from the cagers, seeing me waving my hands in air and dancing about :p
  11. A friend of mine was reversing his mum's car out of the driveway [years ago!] when a spider ran across the windscreen.

    He actually bailed out of the car... like, opened the door and jumped all super-pro stunt-man and stuff.

    He landed in the gravel and did an awesome little commando roll.

    The car hit a fence and stopped.

    The spider was ok.
  12. This thread scares me.

    Am I the only one who will be inspecting their bikes and helmet at an insane level before each ride now?
  13. Yeah I had a huntsman living in my zzr250 for a monthish. Freaked me out the first few times but he I allowed him to stay because its a KILLER excuse if you get pulled over for speeding 'look, theres a spider on my speedo, officer'
  14. Huntsman Spiders can't hurt you.
  15. Shut-up, dude!

    Or are you not scoring mad hero-sex for killing the deadly Hunstmaster-Venomoso before it can bite your significant other and wrap her up in it's silken web for transport to it's underground dungeon-laboratory?
  16. Huntsman spiders are cool. I've got about half a dozen "regulars" that hang out in the house (including in the bedroom)

    That said, I'm not too keen on the idea of one scuttling across any part of me.
  17. They can still bite! ever seen one defend her babies?

    An ex from years ago asked me if I knew where spiders that live in your room get their water from. He then told me that they crawl down in the dark and drink from little bits of drool at the corners of people's mouths when they are fast asleep.

    EEwwwww (of course I dont believe it!...but still)
  18. ktulu, you are a menace.
  19. Dungeon biatch! :rofl:
  20. Been called way worse :grin: