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Aquila 650c Saddlebags

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Ozsavsta, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. Gday guys

    Bought myself a GV650C, and I had a set of throwover saddlebags picked out, however the pipes are quite high and I'll be damned if i can find anything to fit it at the moment. I dont care if I need brackets or throwovers, but could you does anyone have an insight or knowledge of bags I could use? I did look at the klicbag system, however there is no australian distributor.


  2. No one with any suggestions?
  3. My gv650 had split pipes that were high and it also had nice bags that had a rack that sat over the exhaust and stopped the bags from melting. Don't know what brand they were though
  4. Here's a pic

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  5. yeah they look quite high.. possibly higher than mine even. They could possibly do the job. It may just be the klicbag, as I see on the website they specifically say st7/gv700 which is the same bike as the gv650c however, as stated, no aussie distributor so importing and then not fitting my bike would be a costly error.
  6. I think u will find there are alot of generic bags that can go under the seat. Maybe ride to a big store that sells them and ask if u can go and try them on your bike. The other gv650 I owned had saddlebags on that I'm sure were generic ones
  7. yeah I may have to try the mcas in sydney, since the bike store I was at, tried many of his bags and they all touched the pipes.
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    I got the deluxe saddlebags from http://bibblebar.com.au/luggage - along with his quick release lockable saddlebag mounts and a special mounting plate designed for bikes like this that have rear fender rails which the bolts dont go all the way through.

    I also got the big Jumbo top box.

    Its not cheap, but very nice, and Joe is good to deal with, he is based in QLD somewhere i think from memory.

    I would send you a photo, but my bike is at the dealer, the radiator shit itself, (seems to be a common fault) and the replacement is on backorder. We think that they are short because they are (hopefully) sending over a redesigned radiator. I can send you a photo when i get it back if you want, hopefully next week sometime.

    Mine is the classic, 2014 model, not the sports model that was posted in the image above. The bags are a tight fit, but they sit pretty well i think. It was very time consuming mounting them though, I drilled a few extra holes in the back of the bags trying to get it right. I also had to buy new fender bolts about 5mm longer.

    When the bags are removed, everything looks normal, except there is a small (about a foot long, 2 inch high) chrome plate with mounting bolt things mounted on each of the back fender rails.
  9. Ok, here is some pictures, the top box wasn't done up real tight at the time, (didnt notice until later), and the buckles on it aren't done up. Sorry, I was a bit flustered at the time, had just found out that my brand new jerry can was leaking petrol in the top-box. And it was stinking hot.

    Really happy with them.

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  10. yeah they look alright, but they required you to do some self repair right? I am less than a novice when it comes to all things mechanical :(
  11. i had to take the fender rails off (easy enough, just a bit awkward to get your arm and a spanner or socket in between the wheel and the fender), buy some slightly longer fender rail bolts (may not be needed if you dont have the backrest/luggage rack), and then bolt on the supplied extender plates onto the fender bolts, inside the fender rails.

    Then I just had to put the mounting brackets on the extender plates, mark on the back of the saddlebags where to drill, and then drill holes to bolt the bags to the mounting brackets.

    Not hard, just time consuming and a bit fiddly.Take your time and you should be fine.

    It all makes more sense when you have all the parts in front of you.
  12. I also have recently got myself a gv650 classic and asked the dealership where I got it about saddlebags and they told me couldn't be fitted without drilling holes in rear guard or buying the factory setup at $1700. I assumed this was for some form of a bracket to prevent saddlebags from going into rear wheel. Though neither of these I am inclined to do as $1700 I believe is totally ridiculous and I'm not wanting to drill holes in my brand new bike.
    Am wondering if you have come up with a good solution yet.

    I have seen the bibbleguys site before there gear looks nice and the photos you have look real nice I think you may have convinced me to go that way though I was hoping you would be able to answer a few questions first

    What I am after is a set of saddlebags, rear backrest and rear luggage carrier all of which it looks like your bike has. It looks like the guys at bibblebar do all the stuff including the mounting hardware brackets everything required for fitting, is that correct?
    Is there any chance of getting a photo of what it looks like without the bags installed at all?
    Will this in anyway affect my factory warranty? (Im guessing thats more a question for a dealership, but given no permenant modifications to bike are required I couldn't see an issue)
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    Sorry i didnt check the site, (or get an alert), until now.

    Here are some photos, please excuse the state of my bike, it is covered in dirt. I go on lots of gravel and dirt roads.

    The bike has now done just over 17,500km, and is in great condition - looks a treat when clean.

    I found the top box was bending at the bottom a lot, due to the smaller size of the luggage rack, so i put a thick, strong piece of sheet metal on it, as shown in the pictures. You could use anything, mine was an old slide from a water bay outlet, i just cut the top off.
    IMG_20150325_172603. IMG_20150325_172622.

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  14. and one final photo, which i couldnt post on the previous post due to a limit of 8 photos